Lil’ Durk’s Baby Mama Calls Him Out Over Parenting

Photo via Lil’ Durk’s Instagram

Lil’ Durk wants to make some changes in his life and his career. The first thing he wants to do is bring all of his children under one roof; his roof. Lil’ Durk says having all of his children in his mansion will help him grow mentally and reach his peak. One of Durk’s baby mamas, @Nikkic_osg, wasn’t going for it. She called Lil’ Durk out saying he just wants some attention right now. She says raising kids takes time, patience, and dedication that Durk simply doesn’t have. She went on to say that Lil’ Durk must be talking to his other 10 baby mamas when he talks about taking someone’s kids from them. Well, good luck Durk. Sounds like he’s growing up a little.

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33 Responses to “Lil’ Durk’s Baby Mama Calls Him Out Over Parenting”

  1. WeakSauce

    All these hoes keep complaining about the Baby Daddies that they picked, knowing their life style lol I just feel bad for the kids because is bad as their dad is, mama ain’t no saint.

  2. RAMADAwhite

    he probably tired of paying for these girls lifestyles. besides it will be good to get them out of chicago and into a good area

    • ZUBU

      Exactly what I thought, he trying to stop paying for them to eat off him when he can take care of his own kids and reduce the cost. She on the other hand trying to hold on to her meal ticket…. He is coming off as real mature with his statement, which honestly surprised me. Wish him the best….

      • STEPH

        That means no more checks monthly and around income tax time, food stamps etc….she’s going to fight tooth and nail to keep those checks.

      • ZUBU

        Yeah, she’s on some these are my checks oops I mean these are my kids and I’m gonna keep them lol…….

  3. DrakeDoesn'tWrite

    She didn’t sh*t on him. Apparently, he’s doing a decent job. I think he was just dreaming out loud.

  4. J. Smith

    If you support your kids financially, they say you don’t give them enough time. You spend time with your kids, they say you don’t give them enough money. You give your kids time and money, they take you to court for more money (see Diddy & Nas). It sucks that being a father is always going to be an uphill battle.

      • J. Smith

        Because those are the only women in the world who get spiteful when the relationship doesn’t work out?

  5. STEPH

    She ain’t giving up them kids because that means NO MORE CHECKS! She has got used to that money every month, and around income tax time.

    • Perfect Timing

      She dedicates her time to taking care of them so rightfully she should get support. It’d be different if she was abusing it. He clearly said his baby mothers were great mothers

  6. Gusto0810

    Props to Durk for wanting to raise his kids, as any father should, but having a mansion, money and maids for your kids doesn’t make you a good father. It takes a lot of time, patience and dedication to be a good father. I assume Durk tours and spends a lot of time in the studio, so who looks after the kids then? Is he moving the mothers in too? I see people commending him for his maturity, and while it does appear he is trying, when I read his post it feels like it is more about him personally, growing as an artist and reaching his peak, and less about his kids. Talking about it on the gram doesn’t make you a Supa Daddy. Dedicating your life, time, patience and love to your children makes you a Supa Daddy. Good luck on becoming a bonafide practicing Supa Daddy, Durk.

    • Celz

      Being in the mansion eating junk food and pizza pockets being baby sat by under the table security guards.. Parenting is easy cuhh..


    In this era of baby mamas, child support, and weekend visitation, to have your children live with you fulltime under your roof is any real man’s dream.

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