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#SXSW: Vince Staples Rips Spotify At Their Own Event

(AllHipHop News) Long Beach emcee Vince Staples is never one to hold his tongue. From his sharp lyrics on projects like Summertime ’06 to his piercing statements in Time Magazine about the 90’s and the “Golden Era” of Hip-Hop, Vince has a propensity to catch headlines with his barbed public statements.

Vince struck again yesterday at the SXSW Spotify stage when Vince took the time to call out Spotify for their minimal payments to artists.

Vince also made some racially charged comments to a mostly white crowd – this according to Austin, Texas music site Austin360.  Below are a few quotes:

“I’m not the most polite person on stage,” Vince said after performing his track  “Lift Me Up,” the second song on Summertime ’06.

“I know you’re all at SXSW like, ‘Let’s watch the Black people rap,’” Vince said,  “it’s almost like a real show,”

“Shout out to Spotify. Thank you for giving me this check to make up for what you’ve done to me and all my musical friends,” he told fans at the SXSW concert.

“Listen to your favorite album 1000, 2000 times so everybody can get an album sale,” Vince said.

Just this week Jay Z took his famed Blueprint projects off Spotify and many other artists have spoken out against the streaming service’s lack of profit-sharing.

Just a few months ago, Akon talked about the data and information artists don’t get by using the streaming services as opposed to selling the music to fans directly.

Vince has more shows set for SXSW including the NPR, Spin and Pitchfork showcases.

Check out an Instagram post Vince added below of his upcoming SXSW schedule for more info on shows.

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  • Noneya Business

    This n!99@ is wack

  • hoeyuno

    This kid says the lamest ish

  • Flea

    when i saw who he said was too old for social media I knew he was a fk ngga

    • ZUBU

      LMAO! Damn, I just peeped that as well…

  • KashIsKlay

    He spoke the truth.

  • Rozay23

    True but now he’ll be cut from spotify and all their events shortly

  • BOny Soprano

    Fuckin cornball ! The whole is moving towards streaming for distribution. You wanna advocate for artists to get their just due??… then HOLD A DISCUSSION. MAKE A POINT. You have the voice and clearly dont know what to do with it. Smh… stupid nigga… Now that’ll be the last Spotify event you’ll ever be invited to.

  • Celz

    My dude is raw.. Jump off the roof and Coldest Nigga Breathin.. Some of the hottest shyt to come from a youngin.. He say some off base shyt sometimes but he sounded about right this time.. Keep holdin it down my G!


    Burnin’ Bridges! DUMB niccas! GOOD LUCK gettin’ booked by any other SPONSORS…….

  • Q.

    Cripye West might have made a point, finally. Does anybody make real money off streams, other than Taylor Swift, Adele or somebody else ultra commercial?