This Love & Hip Hop Cast Member Wants T.I. To Drop Iggy Azalea

It looks like Love & Hip Hop’s Moniece Slaughter wants to join T.I.’s roster of artists. It seems like she believes T.I. should drop Iggy Azalea and pick her up. Slaughter didn’t dog Iggy completely, but she did say her voice is annoying. Moniece wants to take it back to the old school era, and she believes if Tip signs her she can sell records and recoup his investment tenfold. Hmmmm now we know that the “artists” on Love & Hip Hop are typically trash. They hardly record or put out music also. Do you think Moniece could outsell Iggy?

Moniece Slaughter

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18 Responses to “This Love & Hip Hop Cast Member Wants T.I. To Drop Iggy Azalea”

  1. Papi Peligro

    Man all these type of females on reality shows be Fu)king for beats. She gone get in the studio and give that same Joseline freestyle. “I NEED D!!!!!!!CKS N!&&A”. I

  2. ebonyhud

    You can’t gain a job by trashing their employees. To be honest after TI brought her to the team, I wouldn’t want to be on it. He clearly doesn’t know how to pick true talent in female rappers. He wanted that Lady Gaga money…

    He (or whoever found her) chose a white female rapper because he knew that would in demand as there are none really popular. He also got the one with a big ole booty…probably because thats in style right now. He didn’t care about talent at all as that one guy you had on here admitted he wrote her raps, as well as her awful performances. It happens all the time but she got caught up and that sh*t is lame…. I’m not giving him any money by buying her sh*t….but he’s not looking for my demographic anyway

    • STEPH

      Hell nah he looking for that white girl money and that Australian bread (they are overjoyed that one of their own has made it and will come the fu-k out) not to mention the U.K. and several other areas overseas…..they don’t buy bootlegs, they go in to target, Walmart, I-tunes etc… her album sold millions.

  3. The Legendary Troll

    As much as I dont care for Iggy, I cant respect someone trying to come up off someone elses downfall. If Tip wants to sign you then get signed by your talent. No need to shame iggy in this

    • Weedras

      she trying to ride the hate train bruh its a trend now to diss Iggy… so in doing so 1. the blogs giving her press.. 2. and she might gain a few follows

  4. STEPH

    He’s not dropping her because she sells here in the States, and in her country not to mention in other areas overseas. He’s just not putting a lot of money for producers and grooming her anymore but her ass is still on that label and he’s looking to get more bang for his buck on this next album without forking over a lot of cash. Remember white girls love the shit out this chick, and they don’t buy bootlegs….

  5. Notsolucky

    I say let her and iggy have a freestyle battle for a record contract,winner gets a record contract loser gets nothing.

  6. TheAfroRican

    First off, who in the hell is a Moniece?

    Second, Iggy isn’t on the Grand Hustle label. She just have a publishing and a management deal with Grand Hustle through Jason Geter and T.I.

    Third, do you really think T.I. would let go of his cash cow for a no name wannabe artist?

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