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Desiigner Trolls Everybody, Future Included

It is clear, Desiigner is trolling the internets. He goes on stage at the Fader Fort in SXSW and reaffirms that he is not a knockoff of Future. And right after, he debuts his new song “Pluto.” For those that don’t know, Pluto is the name of Future’s first album from 2012. He’s trolling. Gotta be.


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  • Riko7467

    Man that n1gga on futures dick for real

  • TheAfroRican

    The rap game is like a low budget sci-fi movie. Call it “Attack of the Clones”.

    • that dude


  • Perfect Timing

    Future… “You ARE the Father” (Maury Voice)

    • STEPH

      T pain is the father, and Roger Troutman is the grandfather

  • Sinbk Legend

    Nigga will disappear after this year is done

    • dbfromdc


      • Sinbk Legend


  • Sean Power

    it clear that he was Fan, of future, future was his role model. future should be happy you know you made impact when people start want sound like you and take your flow

    • Keep It Real or STFU (Banned)

      I wonder what he’ll evolve into. You know how Young Thug was a fan of Lil Wayne and was sounding like him when he first came out and then a few years later he developed his own style.


    Future took a lot from T pain, and he took the shit from Roger Troutman….

    • Boogotop

      Lmao sound great!


      The only thing T-Pain and Future have in common is the Auto-tune Sound. They use different Beats, talk about different Shit, have a totally different flow.

      • STEPH

        And that in itself is the comparison since neither has done a song without it….So you telling me future would be as hot if he didn’t use auto tune? Probably not he’d be just another trap rapper from Atlanta.


        LOL if you knew something you’d be Dangerous. BOTH OF THEM have done Plenty of Songs without AutoTune!!! You don’t even Listen to their Music So You might as Well Shut the Hell Up. I’m assuming you’re from Up North with your limited Southern Musical Knowledge. I forgive You.

      • STEPH

        Damn why you mad? LMAO! Get that man’s “Johnson” out your mouth bruh LOL, this nigga is pissed LMAO!


        Naw bruh I just like for people to know what the Hell they’re talking about that’s All. Chill with the Penis-Related Remarks I don’t rock like that.

      • Matt Cutcliffe

        i have been listening to rap/hip hop for over 30 years now and throughout the years not many artists have excited me. im loving fetty wap right now he is different and maybe its because i have been listening to grime for the last eight years but i love his flows and beats and i like desiigner ..different sound and i bet he can break out of the mold based on the beats he has put down
        if they are his own….?


        The Same Way u feel about Designer and Fetty Wap’s Music basically mirrors my opinion about Future’s Style and his music. I feel like he changed the Game and opened the Doors for Creativity from other Artists, and he’s doesn’t get enough credit for it because he’s a Southern Rapper. As far as Desiigner goes, he sounds too much like Future, and his name comes from a Word that Future has Made popular through Years of Making Hits. I don’t have anything against him, but the similarities between the too are Unsettling.

  • Briggs Islam

    I didn’t know trolling was the new word for stealing/thievery/biting/being uncreative…

    • golder1

      Future didn’t create his style, he copy styles of other artist. This dude Designer doing Future’s so called style better than him and Future is trash. Good beats horrible flow.


        You’re a Clown. You never heard anything that sounded like Future before Future because it didnt exist.

      • golder1

        You are more than a clown if you truly believe future style is something new. Nothing new about what he does, auto tune trap music. You Future fans are just as clueless as Future is


        Name someone who sounded like Future before him. Exactly.

      • Got em there lol


        niggas be just talkin

  • that dude

    This dude is trash……

  • RayStantz

    N*gga there’s a million and one futures out now. Most these dude sound the same.

  • dbfromdc


    • FraudWatch

      He’s not trolling. He’s a product, manufactured by the label. They are obviously using Young Thugs marketing plan for him, watch how he acts, or how he dances. But they are seeing if it will fly , like Thugs music flew, even though he was similar to Wayne. Desiigner has other music and videos on youtube. You can see happen rapping just a year ago, completely different. Not even trap actually

  • bruhhhhhh

    beat is fire, but come on son! desiigner is a dick rider by definition. How can u feel comfortable taking another mans WHOLE style? and you are from NY? straight up plagiarism

  • The Legendary Troll

    Now future knows how wayne feels about young thug

  • i thought panda was future when i first heard the song. eh.

  • Instead of them making a song together, these ignorant dudes are probably gonna try to kill one another SMH imitation is everywhere!! Kobe imitated Mike………..

  • Saw a video of him rapping at SXSW he couldn’t even keep up with his own lyrics…..

  • Celz

    Thanks I had no idea Future had a song named Pluto.. Not kidding either..

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