Chris Brown

Woman Claims Chris Brown Is Threatening To Kill Her!

Chris Brown just can’t seem to get it together. He is involved in some sort of drama and controversy daily. Well Breezy is in the news again but this case is a little bit different. A woman named Danielle Patti, who was once arrested for trespassing at Brown’s home, claims that Brown is threatening her life via social media. Crazy right?!

According to TMZ, Patti filed for a temporary restraining order against Brown. She claims that he has repeatedly harassed her, via social media, and says that he wants her dead. Patti was arrested back in December when she allegedly drove onto Brown’s property and refused to leave. The judge has granted the restraining order and Brown is ordered to stay 100 yards away from Patti and have no contact with her. Maybe one day Chris will find peace in his life and stay out of the press for negative reasons! Chris probably did threaten to kill the woman who was once arrested for trespassing on his property though.

  • WeakSauce

    I believe her because this cornball only gets crazy and physical with women.

    • scullyson

      Yeah Chris be on some bs …

    • golder1

      I don’t believe her. Where are this IG messages saying he wanted to kill her. Plus this is the same woman who was arrested for trespassing on his property and refusing to leave like she. was crazy. And all restraining orders are usually are granted temporarily when complaining party mentions death doesn’t mean judge believed her. Proof eliminate doubt and if she had any she would have released it already.

    • Teddy Wells

      He hasn’t done anything since Rihanna 7 years ago, dummy


      • WeakSauce



    Bitch I would want to kill you too if you just drove up in my shit and refused to leave, like you owned the joint.

  • Short school bus riding ass n*gga. Hold this economy sized bag of L’s for life. Smh…

    • scullyson



      Chris Brown is a Highly Successful Artist that’s sold Millions of CD’s in his career spanning over 10+ Years. He’s the Most Talented Artist out right now when it comes to Singing, Dancing and Rapping.He’s the closest thing we have to Michael Jackson and if you remember, he had his own personal problems as well.

  • josh

    Chris seems to be keeping himself out of trouble for the last few years for good reason, I doubt any of this shit that these thirst buckets come out with are ever true they just want attention

  • josh

    And as for a restraining order against Chris I’m sure he already has one against her for the stupid shit she’s done when you have a restraining order against a person that means you are not allowed to show up where they are either it works both ways and I’m sure this dumb broad drives by his house daily

  • 129 Ded Piig Skiin Peckerwoods

    it’s funny how these hoes keep accusing him, yet not a single one of them have any proof… going all the way back to the thot who took selfies in crutches just before the club owner said that he was never anywhere near her.

    • hoeyuno


  • dbfromdc


  • blackmagic

    That’s kerruches manager doing,think the screaming at each other on instagram and now this women comes out of nowhere with this storying.he has a movie documentary about him and telling everything that happen to him.

  • Mo Cash

    & wheres the proof?? so they same crazy bish that ran up on his property is now filing a restraining order? right ;)>

  • Markus

    Even crazier than the story itself is the author of the article actually saying dude probably threatened to kill this woman. If I do it is one thing. A pseudo journalist practically accusing an entertainer of saying he’d kill someone is another matter altogether.

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  • Controversy Sells

    Ok so let me get this strait. . . She was found trespassing on his property and she is now filing a restraining order against him?