Kendrick Lamar May Be Heavily Involved In George Clinton’s New Album

Rumor has it, George Clinton is working on a new album and Kendrick Lamar will be heavily involved. Clinton and Lamar have already recorded numerous tracks together including tracks such as “Wesley’s Theory” from Kendrick’s ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’, and some of the music recorded for Kendrick’s ‘Untitled Unmastered’ album was meant for Clinton’s Parliament Funkadelic. Clinton has revealed that he and Kendrick recorded numerous songs together outside of the ones that have already been released. The two also just worked on a video with Ice Cube for ‘Ain’t That Funkin.’ We are kind of interested in seeing what the new collaborative releases will bring. Are you?

  • It’s f*cked up how the IRS did George Clinton. But…. You f*ck with the Feds, they’ll get you.

    • Q.

      Clinton’s debts to the IRS were pennies compared to the millions of dollars he got raped out of by his labels and business manager for 20+ years.

  • Q.

    Clinton fvcks with Kendrick heavily. The blessing of one of the godfathers of Hip-Hop means something. Soul, funk, and jazz are the foundation of Hip-Hop, despite what some dummies out here think. TPAB walked you through that history.


    HELL YEAH! Generations comin’ together to create NEW CLASSICS!
    REAL artists, not like these mush mouthed, not sayin’ nuthin’, trap crap ‘rappers’!

  • Golgo 13

    George clinton looks so different i barely recognised him in that pic

  • Ike’s Mood

    Kendrick Lamar though?

  • Celz

    Kendrick is on George Clinton’s latest single..