Yo Gotti’s Former Artist Puts Him On Blast

Yo Gotti is certainly having a drama filled week. As if the beef between him and Young Dolph wasn’t enough, one of Gotti’s former artists, @Miss.Sylver, decided to put him on blast. Sylver was pursing a rap career at one time, but now it seems that she has put all of her time and attention into the beauty industry. Interestingly enough, she was once linked to Waka Flocka, and she is the same woman that allegedly caused Lil’ Wayne and Christina Milian to break up. When Sylver was under Yo Gotti they allegedly messed around, and now she has decided to open up and join Dolph with calling Yo Gotti fake. She took to her Instagram to say,

“I swear I been waiting on this day for a mafucka to expose him for who he really is… So many people done asked me why I don’t f*ck with Gotti and why I ain’t CMG different blogs reached out and I never spoke on it cause I’m better than that sh*t and always had my own ???! But he know he not real he not a street n*gga he just a nice guy ??? like your whole team starving you not putting nobody on them n*ggas running around in CMG shirts on the road with 40$ food budgets (6 grown men got to share a 40$) I paid for everything STUDIO TRAVEL FOOD HOTEL I mean everything he never did sh*t cause he so petty look at Zed he ain’t got sh*t cause Gotti ain’t gone put nobody on he a user. if he can’t use you it’s over! That’s why soon as it’s a hot song from a upcoming artist here he go jumping on the track riding n*ggas waves! Like I told Gotti stop screaming you hold your young n*ggas down cause you don’t!!! You selfish you a millionaire QUARTER O BOY! You commercial as hell! He got that CMG deal and ain’t sign me or Zed lol that’s crazy how Zed still ain’t signed to your label??”

Dang Gotti! Not $40 food budgets! What are your thoughts? Do you think there is any truth in what Dolph and Sylver are saying?

Miss Sylver

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