Metro Boomin Working On New Album?

Metro Boomin in known as one of the dopest producers out these days. He keeps the streets LIT. Drake knows. Future knows. And many others. Well, the word on the streets is that Young Metro is working on is own album to heat up the streets. I am not sure if he’s rapping or if it will be a compilation situation. Nevertheless, dude is on fire. Hopefully he trusts us, because we don’t want no problems.

Well, we trust him.

By the way, Metro Boomin recently got beas

  • Winner15

    Talented Produced but until I hear something other then Trap Music Production then I can’t rate him as high as the past 2000’s era of Elite Super Producers.

    • Anthony Mason

      He just knows how to make trap beats….

      • Tim

        u are gay

      • Anthony Mason

        Nice username hoe a** nigga. I bet you wouldn’t talk to your mother in that tone because you still live with the b****….

    • TheAfroRican

      Dude isn’t really that original to me. Everyone is using the same Young Chop snares, stacked 808 drums, doubling hi-hats, and overused VSTs.

      • Winner15

        True… most of his stuff sound generic oppose to the 100,000 other producers on Twitter trying to sell a beat or two. But it is a over saturated market and the supply & demand factors show that its definitely down on the demand side probably why a lot of his beats are for ‘Future’ the rapper.

  • meanygreene

    I DARE him to make music that pushes positivity and creativity

    • Sinbk Legend

      You’re asking for too much lol

  • Anthony Mason

    Metro gave a bunch of his good beats to Ilovemakkonen. His only good beats are the ones where he was shrooming hard….

    The other stuff he does is so basic and straight a**…

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  • Gap Tooth Bruce

    Him and them 808 niggas got the streets on smash

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