Future’s Reaction To Hearing Desiigner’s “Panda” In The Club Is Priceless

They say that imitation is the finest form of flattery, but lately the Hip-Hop world has been coming down on Desiigner for sounding a little too much like his Southern counterpart Future.  If things weren’t bad already, the Hip-Hop community will likely be up in arms about “Pluto,” a new song by Desiigner.  The song happens to also be the title to Future’s debut project with Epic that cast him into the stratosphere of the top paid rappers.

Adding fuel to the biting controversy, a video surfaced over the weekend that showed Future hearing  Desiigner’s “Panda,” in the club.  Theres just some things that you can’t plan and the reaction on Future’s face is classic like he’s seemingly hearing the song for the first time.

Check it out below as Future reacts and Desiigner performs his new song “Pluto” at the Fader Fort during SXSW – oh yea and with the Pusha T G.O.O.D. music co-sign/intro.

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33 Responses to “Future’s Reaction To Hearing Desiigner’s “Panda” In The Club Is Priceless”

  1. BigHomie337

    He had no reaction. Lol, false title. Future was counting money. Trav has to be one of the biggest groupies in the game. Him and DJ Khaled.,

    • that dude

      You ain’t neva lied. He ain’t neva gonna drop an album, ever. And I actually think he’s HALFway talented. I said HALFway, don’t bite my head off.

      • Savimbi

        Half way???? come on dog…lol Trav might be the only person Troy Ave might be better than…lol and that’s not saying much!!!!!

    • MadVillain

      without lookin at his phone?
      lmao you know these niggaz cant remember they own bars for shit
      no matter how simple

  2. Q.

    What reaction?? Dude just turned his head…Y’all Mr. Fantastic with the reach. SMH
    So, Mumbletron got replaced with an upgraded T-1000 model…Oh, well, that’s what happens when you dumb sh!t down to the least common denominator.

    (Sidenote: LMAO @ the Rick Ross clone dabbin’ in the the panda head. **tears** Ol’ Kamala Splash body-built azz mofo)


  3. Damany G

    We gotta start finding another label for this stuff so it is not so closely associated with the culture of hip-hop.

  4. Heart of a Slave, Blood of a k

    I was watching that video of him performing at SXSW and the canibus line popped in my head. “You couldn’t make a crowd throw their hands up, (even) if they swallowed their fingers.”

  5. In Black America Radio

    we dont need a Brooklyn Fetty Wap. FOH………..and you know its bad when the artist is hyper then the crowd

  6. Dox

    What reaction? Future still has his normal facial expression where he looks like a beetle or locust of some sort….I saw no reaction.


    A WACKJOB following a LAME who followed a BITER who followed a GARBAGE MC….. that’s where ‘new’ Hip Hop has come to…………….

  8. STEPH

    To become a rapper today……Auto Tune, A group of niggas mugging the camera, Firearms, Counterfeit Money, and 14kt gold plated Chains with dumbass emblems on them…..You don’t even need bitches anymore because most of these rappers are faggots Lol Smh. Future should be flattered someone trying to sound like his wack ass.

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