Iggy Azalea’s Fiancé Nick Young Accused Of Harrassing Woman and Her Mom

(AllHipHop News) In a recent interview, Iggy Azalea said she left Australia and headed to the United States at the age of 16, to escape bullying.

But she could end up marrying one if a woman’s allegations prove to be true.

Her fiancé, Nick Young, is one of two players being accused of harassing a woman and her elderly mom in Hollywood over the weekend.

According to ESPN, The Los Angeles Lakers are investigating an incident involving Nick Young and Jordan Clarkson in Hollywood last Saturday (March 19).

Four men allegedly pulled up to an intersection in a jeep and shouted vulgarities and obscenities at Alexis Jones and her 68-year-old mother.

Alexis Jones is a graduate of USC and runs a nonprofit called I AM THAT GIRL. She also happens to be an activist who tries to prevent athletes from committing sexual assaults, and other abuses against women.

“They’re leaning out of the car and making vulgar, sexual gestures. My mom was really shocked. That immediately turned into sobbing,” Alexis Jones told ESPN.

Lakers head coach Byron Scott supposedly addressed the two players, but neither man has issued an apology as of press time.

The timing couldn’t be worse for Nick Young.

His soon-to-be wife, Iggy Azalea is currently promoting her new single “Team,” taken from her upcoming album Digital Distortion.

Earlier this week, she told Ryan Seacrest that her wedding to Nick Young was called off, but blamed scheduling conflicts with her tour and his basketball career.

“Any time he wants to go out with the boys, he’s like ‘This is my last summer being a bachelor!’ So he likes that. He can milk it for longer with me, so he’s excited.”

  • When America decides to ice your ass on some hate sh*t, the Avalanche just doesn’t stop. Iggy is learning first hand why navigating fame in America is an endeavor worthy of only the truly insane. I do feel bad for her. Seriously. One day she’s confessing that her failures made her suicidal and that crazy ass Azealia Banks is wishing suicide on her after hearing about her revelation. The next day she’s making excuses as to why her fiancé got cold feet and postponed marriage. And now she’s guilty by association for some sh*t her man yelled out the window on a night out with the fellas. When America decides to eat you, they completely try to destroy you. I don’t wish this on anyone. Granted, she deserved to catch heat for the Q Tip issue and the misappropriation sh*t, but that was last year. All of this sh*t is a bit much for me. Let her fade away into obscurity. But to apply constant pressure like this? This sh*t seems worse than how country radio tried to f*ck up the Dixie Chicks for saying they were embarrassed of George Bush. This is the kind of sh*t that basically kills superstars (Kanye’s on deck). I hope she believes in God. Because this sh*t doesn’t look like it’s easing up anytime soon.

    • Drake’s 3rd best Ghostwriter

      She needs to wave her middle fingers at the world and say:



    • fitgameent

      Real shit about trying to completely destroy each other. It’s jealousy, deep down. Especially when a foreigner com over to live the ‘American dream’ while we watch.

    • Two_guns_Billy

      This happens to lots of celebs and athletes..Look at how the media is doing Johnny Football just for doing the same sh#t most young men are doing..

      • Yep. That’s the American fame monster. We build you up and then we try to take your ass down for our entertainment. Shady sh*t…

    • bluelight74

      If ever you become a hero to the mob, remember this: Every
      man who cheers you carries in his belt the knife of an assassin.

  • Real Talk

    That so called bullying victim is only interested in publicity

  • Anthony Mason

    T.I. is responsible for this….lol!

  • In Black America Radio

    “Alexis Jones is a graduate of USC and runs a nonprofit called I AM THAT GIRL. She also happens to be an activist who tries to prevent athletes from committing sexual assaults, and other abuses against women.”

    oh really now…………out of ALLLLLLLLLLLL the girls he “harasses” her…….i didnt google her but she better be bad

    • Dope

      Was gonna say the exact same thing, out of several millions girls in the city he happens to stumble upon that ONE that is an activist for this specific type of stuff.. nothing suspicious here at all, she’s definitely not trying to promote herself.

  • Sean Power

    this really a news headline a group guys out said something vulgar, they never been to new york

  • ZUBU

    Nick just acting young trying to get his groove on before she latches him down. Iggy seems to be in denial about him wanting to get married. Nick you should wait until your career is over… Ask Tiger and a lot of athletes who married young. Follow the Derek Jeter route and date a lot of hot chicks throughout your career, then when you get tired of playing then settle down……

  • Markus

    Hard to believe that athletes that should know when it comes to approaching women to proceed with caution would put their careers and freedom potentially in jeopardy all in the name of sex. But I’ve been wrong before.

  • Notsolucky

    Iggy looks like Macklemore with a ponytail

  • Anthony Mason

    Iggy shut the f*** up and pick a different career. Niggas know you tried to be Britney Spears then you wifed a gospel rapper and now you want to rule America you selfish manipulative whore….

    People see through all this bulls***…

  • Controversy Sells

    I live in a world where katt williams was recorded getting beat up by what seems to be a 13 year old.

    So I dint bekieve shit without video proof

  • timwest1000

    This is cheap promo for Iggy. Her slave is cheating? So the fu(k what. Anyone would cheat on her pale unsexy ass.