Drake’s Enemy Gets Kicked Out Of His Own Crew, Tries To Repair Damage

Don Champagne Papi don’t play that.

You know, unless you got a strong team and long money, don’t go against Drake. Meek Mill may not have fared well against Drake, but he’ll make another dollar and live to tell a tale. Mo-G on the other hand, has no back whatsoever now. It is bad for the young may. If his career was a meme, I would say this would be it:

It seemed like he was moving,but we knew it wouldn’t last. However, it is worst that we initially thought. First of all, his crew the H-Gang has kicked him out of the group. They recently uploaded an old pic with him and Drake’s manager – BUT cropped him out. Damn. Secondly, he removed all his Drake disses from Instagram. Lastly, I am hearing dude is trying to get back in there.

Peep the pic:

H-Gang #hgang


th h-gang #hgang

At the day’s end..

BUT…Folks are saying that Mo-G might have gotten paid to go away. Allegedly.


  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Im lost on this article. i still have no clue what its stating.

    • I used google translate and I’m still waiting for the translation, Houston can you help us? LOL

  • November Baby 😍😘😍

    Bullcrap!!! 😙😒😙

  • asante-man613

    who the f#%cc is a moe g?


    huh? what? who? why? lmao

  • DrakeDoesn’tWrite

    This doesn’t surprise me. This is just typical of modern dudes and the fanbase. They wouldn’t be in the picture without dude just like no one would know Mo without Drake. Niggas choosin’ a fraud over a dude they knew their whole life. SMH.

  • jeffrey Jones

    “it is worst that we initially thought” …. Who wrote this article? A baboon?

    • YoungZari


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  • Chyze

    So a nobody got kicked out of a crew that nobody ever heard of cuz he got fly with his mouth and claimed 2 be something he’s not? Pretty sure I’ve heard this story b4. If he was telling the truth they’d be standing by him 4 the fame it would bring but the funny thing is…..fake mfs and successful mfs always seem to end up alone. Which one do we think Moe G is?

  • ChicagoHope33

    Damn…I guess no one proof reads anymore.

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  • Ahahahahaahaa that happens when youre unsubstantially feeling yourself too much. What a fool.

  • Whoever wrote this sh*t is a Canadian 2nd grader….

  • Houston, quit writing, you’re making yourself a laughing stock.

    Have some respect for yourself and get a new job that you’re competent doing.

  • Executive

    Who? Just some ol random shit.

  • Jahb1911

    Everybody trying to be famous. Drake REALLY needs to tighten the ship.

    • Missy

      Drake is a fraud

      • Jahb1911


      • Controversy Sells

        People like you. . . Say the same shit twice in the same thread to trash talk someone. He may be a fraud but you jist 1 out of a million dont matters who keep saying it

      • Missy

        Hey don’t get pissed at me because Drake’s ghost writers are turning against him.

      • Controversy Sells

        Lol. .. No dont you get nad st him becsuse yiu keep ssying he a frsud but he still makin millions off his fraudulent shit. Thats the point you missing. . . Also shit gets old man. I mean you said the same thing someone said the day before thst and the day befor that. If you dont like the guy. . . Then why click on articles to discuss him? Lol you could have been doing.something else more important with your life

      • Missy

        Most Frauds to make millions. Their still a Fraud though. So is Drake he has absolutely no talent. Fake, Fraud acting like a Rapper. Can’t call him a rapper because rappers write their own lyrics. Drakes buys them and jump his fat azz on stage and perform them like their his own. What a joke.

      • Missy

        That is only because little morons like you pay to buy his fraudulent music. Your not smart enough to know that your probably more talented that Drake. You can pay rappers to write lyrics and give you a flow and go and perform it. If you happy with his fraud music. That’s your business but I’ll continue to call him out as the fraud he is. Drake The Fake.

      • Controversy Sells

        You trying to make a point that’s. . . Not a point. For your information since you so fuking smart, I have never physically purchased a Drake album. I have never went into iTunes or Google play and purchased a digital copy. Now I will say. . . I pay apple music 10 buns a month for the largest library of music in the world. Is Drake included? Yes. Is he in my library? Yes. Anybody in here who knows me from commenting knows that I’m not biased. I listen to all music, even riff Raff. If the shit is composed and has melodies or just rhymes being spit over it I will give it a listen. We all know Drake is a fraud. . . But do we need for you to repeat that? No.

        Little moron? Bitch please I just started my own company all the while I just started a new position for Target store and will be a district manager by the summer. Go suck a dick and learn who the fuk you talking to. And for the record. . . My own company which I started in January started off with abprofit in the first month. Go kill yourself. . . You little moron

      • Missy

        If you want to listen to fraud music. Music written by any and everybody but Drake that is your fuking business. I’ll still call him what he is a fraud and if that bothers you then that is too Dam BAD. Bye.

      • Missy

        If Drake Wasn’t a fraud then I wouldn’t have to say it at all.

  • Obi Won

    Mo-G? I wish dudes would strive to be something other than rappers.


    Halal gang? lol o*k

    • xxthoughtxx

      lol.. worst crew name, i know the meaning but still


        I know the meaning too. It doesn’t even sound right either way. Dudes are biters. Dipset started that whole thing with the “____ gang” names.

      • xxthoughtxx

        naw , brothers been doing that since “sugar hill gang”


        I disagree. Those kind of names flourished after Dipset. And they flourished when it came to naming crews, not an actual group like Sugar Hill Gang. I doubt the founders of “Halal Gang” were thinking of Rapper’s Delight when choosing a name for their crew.

  • DreamBigLiveLarge

    all hip hop loves them some drake

  • Anthony Mason

    Drake does a drive by then circles back to clean up the shell casings and leave an apology note…

    When he is shooting a movie…lol…

  • Realest760

    Mo G who’s that the barber

  • D_Ably

    These cats ain’t no kinda crew, just Drake fans with a facebook page. Dude should think about what his crew is if they kickin him out for speaking his mind but on the other hand he gaggin for that canadian pssy juice again now so yeah maybe you do belong together.


    Drakes manager paid them niggas. That’s who most of his Tirade was directed to, funny how they cut him out and left Drake’s manager. I’d say fu-k them fools anyway, but to stay close to ovo they turned on him.

    • Missy

      The point is why does Drake need another rapper to write lyrics, record itso Drake can go copy it in his own voice if hes so hot. then come out to us as if its his own. Drake is a fraud.

  • dbfromdc


  • Joe Joiner

    choosing the white boy over they own brother smh, coons will do whatever for money

  • Ryan Derringer

    These clowns keep trying to go at Drake. All they take is L’s

  • DR.WHO?

    Who? Dr….who?

  • Missy

    The point is Drake is a Fake. Period. It makes sense. Mix race kid, from Canada, grew up in Jewish family. What the F would Drake know about Rap. Its clear now, Drake don’t know Sh t. Whenever a supposively rapper needs someone to write lyrics for them its over. Drake don’t only need A rapper to write the lyrics. He needs the flow too, then he needs to copy your movements. Its ridiculous. There’s no way Drake should be nominated for another award again. He cant go against Kendrick, J Cole etc who bust their ass with a pen and pad, and write their own rhymes and flow. While Drake is searching through reference tracks. Drake is pure garbage.



  • Fenom


  • Anthony Mason

    F*** this article. Google “Drake tuna sandwich”. He is and never was anything but a fraud…


    Popularity is the BOTTOM LINE! If DRAKE is gettin’ upwards a MILLI a show, Multi-Million Dollar ENDORSEMENTS, Got Supermodels lined up all day & night, U think he gives a F*CK what U, or weak meeks of the World gotta say! Oh by the way, U are late for your J.O.B. at MickeyDees!