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Rapper Rick Ross Lands Victory In Court; Rape Case Dismissed

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Rick Ross and his bodyguard scored a victory in court last week when a sexual assault lawsuit that was filed against them last year was dropped.

The original complaint was filed in September 2015 by a woman who insisted that she was drugged and raped by Rick Ross’ bodyguard, Thaddeus “Black” James.

The unidentified victim, known only as a “Jane Doe,” claimed that she accompanied Rick Ross and Black to a performance at the Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles in February 2015.

The woman maintained that Black spiked her champagne with an unknown drug during a ride back to the W Hotel, which eventually caused her to pass out.

When she came to, the anonymous woman found that she had been raped and sodomized. In addition to his bodyguard Black, Rick Ross was also named as a defendant in the lawsuit, as was Maybach Music Group and Warner Music Group.

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The action was filed after Rick Ross was caught up in a firestorm of controversy over unpopular lyrics he spit over a remix of Rocko’s hit song “U.O.E.N.O.,” which alluded to spiking a woman’s drink without her knowledge.

The heat got so intense that corporate sponsor Reebok responded to the outcry by ultimately dropping Rick Ross over the lyrics.

The recent court victory is some good legal news for Rick Ross, who along with Black, still faces serious charges for allegedly pistol-whipping a groundskeeper and holding him against his will.

Rick Ross and Bodyguard Mug Shot

Thaddeus “Black” James and rapper Rick Ross

Ross and Black supposedly became infuriated after coming home to the rap star’s Fayetteville, Georgia estate and encountering a groundskeeper named Jonathan Zamudio having a rowdy, alcohol and cocaine fueled party.

That was enough for Rick Ross and Black, who are charged with smacking Zamudio with a Glock 9MM pistol and forcing him into a guest bedroom, where the beating allegedly continued.

Rick Ross and Black were recently indicted on nine counts that include kidnapping and aggravated battery earlier this month.

The rapper is currently free on $2 million bond and has pleaded not guilty.

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    • Dox

      These rappers take all these drugs and party a ton, don’t sleep a lot and probably never drink water, bro. Liver is probably done for.

      • RapItUp

        To be fair… I don’t know how many people have been arrested on here.. But you don’t get booked right away, photographed.. (generally speaking, not sure about celebs) it takes HOURS from the time they shackle and transport you, getting moved from holding area to holding area, just to get one remedial thing done. All that said to say, he could’ve been arrested at 11 PM, and not had his pic taken. (no resting, etc. for 3-4 hours) Whose eyes aren’t funky looking at those hours? (We all know Ross is a user, just playing devil’s advocate)

  1. Markus

    You’d think that females would take the hint and stop being loose and make better decisions instead of being blinded by money and fame . Because this sounds like a side deal was made.

    • Melanoid Nation

      Not to make you look like an ignorant buffoon but working for a year in a jailhouse won’t help you escape criminal charges. Money makes it happen.

      • WeakSauce

        Not trying to take that brown smudge of your lips because you sound like you be kissing some ass. Or are you being paid by MMG for your comments?

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