TI t.i.

T.I. Doesn’t Want Donald Trump Supporters Buying His Music

T.I. is not here for Donald Trump and his antics. T.I. honestly doesn’t want any of his supporters to support Trump, and he doesn’t want Trump supporters to buy his album. T.I. particularly took issue with Trump telling his supporters that he would pay their legal fees for attacking Trump protesters. According to T.I., that’s no different than leaders of organized crime syndicates.

T.I. also said,

“F*ck you and f*ck what you stand for. Nobody who support me will support you. End of message.”

Good for T.I.; it’s clearly bigger than the money for him.


    Allhiphop used to be the man homie, What happened to u…… Story is days old


    But T.I.’s whole persona is based off of him acting like a leader of an organized crime syndicate?

  • Frank Yoster

    Money aint everything? Yah coming from a guy with millions! Gtfoh ti im votinh for trump

  • S D

    coming from a guy that calls ppl that buys his music “Haters” and that he’ll do this n that, got guns, etc taking his ppls money and not making uplifying songs but more tales about “Trapping”….if this nigga dont sit his TARDED azz down

  • timwest1000

    T.I is actually on Trump’s side. He loves those people. He pandered to them all last year and the year before. He is the guy who created the white monster, Iggy the Failure. GTFOH Tip. Got the blind leading the deaf now.