Wale-Meek Mill

Are Wale & Meek Mill Cooking Up A Collab For ‘Self Made 4’?

It looks like Meek Mill and Wale may be cooking up something nice for ‘Self Made 4’. It’s good to see the efforts of camaraderie and collaboration instead of internal beef. Wale says the two may collab on the “200Hunnit” record as he feels like they always have good chemistry on the “back and forth” records. Are you interested in seeing these two together on the track? Do you think it will be fire? ??

meek mill

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  • Sean Power

    how soon until meek has rant about wale not coming to the house to visit him and kills this

    • that dude


  • M.DOT

    Ain’t happening

  • #Mr.Toadman AKA Toastman

    Meek at home sketchn his next tweet rant


    Get that bag. Coming from the hood seeing real beef, to be able to leave that and make records and tour and get that bag…..It would take a muthafu-ka to really do something serious to me or my family or else I’m not beefing with anybody on records…..Getting to the $.

  • The Legendary Troll

    nobody cares about meek anymore bruh. sinking ship

    • DreamBigLiveLarge

      says a troll with a picture of drake as his avi

  • chippc

    Wale, if you and Meek make a song together, for the love of God, please DON’T FORGET TO TWEET ABOUT IT!

  • baawwsse

    why the hell does classicOne always ask a question at the end of his/her articles?
    Oh because most of them are TRASH…this mofo take a tweet and make a story out of it. Classic indeed.

    • Dude is trying to initiate engagement on these posts.

      I know we did say classic one should go back to college but it seems that dude is taking the wrong course .Lol

  • baawwsse

    ClassicOnes next article gonna go like this:
    So Yellow and Blue are talkin about coming together to make the color Green. Which one do you think is gonna be better?? Will Yellow stand out more than Blue?…smh

  • Vexed Vader

    Meek gonna violate his probation fuckin around with Wale..

  • stephen

    what happens when u get humbled……