Lil Durk Is Tired Of Rappers Biting Other Rapper’s Sound

Photo via Lil’ Durk’s Instagram

For the most part, with the exception of a handful of rappers, gone are the days of originality. Nowadays it seems like all of the artists sound just a like. Every song sounds the same. One rapper in particular that has been ridiculed for jacking another rapper’s sound is Desiigner. People won’t let him be great as he’s been labelled a knockoff Future. Lil’ Durk isn’t feeling rappers taking other rapper’s sounds. We just wonder who he’s talking about. Name a rapper who stole another rapper’s sound.

lil durk

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  • dbfromdc



    i cant wait until the internet crashes im tired of social media

    • DrakeDoesn’tWrite

      Never thought I’d be doing this but….

    • Anthony Mason

      I’m looking forward to it also. Got my bags packed already. You shut the internet down for 1 day and America will become zombies. Funny how the zombies in movies are more than likely nothing but a visual metaphor for crazy desperate people…

  • #Mr.Toadman AKA Toastman

    Hypocrite. Gtfoh

  • StephenDedalus

    this kid is on a whole new level of stupid.

  • Marc Btes

    I swear these “drill” rappers have to be the dumbest form of human

  • lmao his latest singles sound like wayne or future


    There’s no creativity in Hip Hop anymore…..#daretobedifferent

    • BrotherMan21

      Creativity doesnt pay the bills. I rarely listen to mainstream rap unless I’m in a party environment.

      • STEPH

        Neither than biting someone else’s shit, but in some cases you very well may be right dude Designer is eating off that “Panda” song but hell he better come hard with his next joint to separate himself from future quick or else those bills will stop getting paid.

  • pastaman

    Kinda funny coming from a guy that’s stole autotune from the previous 8,000 rappers before him….Lil Durk, nigga please

  • Flip Jones

    White boy stole ghost face style, many have stolen big sean’s flow

  • Jahb1911

    Didn’t he steal someone’s sound? Because lil durk do not sound original…

  • Anthony Mason

    Take care of your whale baby mom. 8 can’t name one Lil durk song or a song he is featured on….