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50 Cent Talks The Game, Bang Em Smurf, Ebro Darden & Competition In Hip Hop (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) The name 50 Cent has nearly become synonymous with Hip Hop beef. Over the last few months, 50 found himself in even more conflicts with former associate Bang Em Smurf and Hot 97 radio personality Ebro Darden. In contrast, it appears the hostilities between the G-Unit leader and ex-comrade The Game have settled down a bit.

50 spoke with Danny Diaz of Power 98 about a variety of topics including his recent noteworthy feuds. Check out some of the highlights below.

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On issues with Ebro:

He’ll say it’s my fault that New York City Hip Hop ain’t what it was because of my momentum. I’m like, ‘You was the program director. You didn’t play the new music.” You mean to tell me nobody made a hit during the time I was… Everybody had hit music. It was his responsibility to play it at that point. I ruined it?

On competition in Hip Hop:

You gotta pick and choose based on what you feel the public perception of yourself is at that point – do you continue to pursue it or do you let it go? In the beginning, I used to respond to anything and everybody. I was not picking and choosing who it is – if you want some, come get some. That’s because our culture is competitive. I felt like if you weren’t competing then you lost a big part of what Hip Hop is about.

On Bang Em Smurf alleging 50 put a hit on his life:

[Smurf] was like, “Yo, he tried to get me killed.’ He saw somebody in a room that shot at him. They’re all in the neighborhood. They’re gonna shoot each other anyway in the neighborhood. Now you put it together that I was getting you killed at that point because you saw them in the video with me? Nah man, he might have wanted to kill you for recreational purposes. You was saying some sh*t you wasn’t supposed to be saying… There was no specific situation where they were told to knock him off. He felt like that. When I saw he said that, I was like, “I wouldn’t do that. I don’t have that kind of sh*t on my heart for him.” He’s still one of my pee wees. He was alright.

On The Game showing love to 50’s Effen vodka:

I don’t know what that is. I don’t know what it is. It’s not even on his Instagram [anymore]. Sometimes you do stuff and you don’t even know if you mean it. The [cell phone] is right there in your pocket, so if you’re drinking that don’t matter. He took it down. He fixed it. As soon as he started to sober up, he took it off… I’m not concerned with it. I think either way, if he liked the product, then it’s cool. If he likes the TV show, cool. I’m not angry at his stuff when I see it.

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Watch 50 Cent’s interview below.

56 Responses to “50 Cent Talks The Game, Bang Em Smurf, Ebro Darden & Competition In Hip Hop (VIDEO)”

    • BEAST

      50 once said.. “Haters will get tired of hating before I lose my passion for succeeding” (or some sh!t like that). In other words, he thinks he’ll outlast his haters. Real Talk you prove to me that he’s dead wrong. For YEARS on this site you’ve been on every 50 post hating. I truly believe that you will hate this dude long after his death.

      • Madamsjr01

        Nobody is hating on 50, he would flop and you know it too

    • WeakSauce

      I don’t see how he clowning game. What he said about the whole sobering up is more than likely true. I see it happen all the time. So no clowning just an actual true statement.

    • Chyze

      It’s not about who laughs 1st….it’s who laughs loudest and longest. 50 has a published net worth of 16 million and Game is reportedly worth 22-25 million. They’re both laughing all the way 2 the bank but if those published numbers are true….who won?

      • The City

        They’re both wearing silk pajamas at the of day, so it’s a win win for both.

      • Madamsjr01

        Exactly. . All his enemies worth more.. Ross worth 35 Million and let’s not even mention Puff.. 50s ego has been his worse enemy

  1. Black Jay Supreme

    I told y’all…. When I doubted the truce between 50 and Game, dudes were on the thread asking me,

    “Why are you saying we’ve seen this before?”

    Because we f*cking have. Those n*ggas make up and beef like cicadas. They’ll make up for one night and then beef again for like 11 years. 😂😂😂

  2. Madamsjr01

    What buisinesses does he own? all his companies are bankrupt and defunct, he endorses Effin Vodka, and the Underwear company, he doesn’t own them, SMS Audio is defunct, GUnit records and Clothing is dead, Cheata Films, dead, just face it that your favorite rapper is in a downward spiral.. 50 put so much energy into hating until all of the very bridges he burnt are the hands he needs the most to save his career. His net worth is 16 million, he’s still stupid rich no doubt but he’s been taken major losses


      all successful people have taken losses ..thats what makes a real businessman you take your loss and you rebuild and adapt and learn new strategies.think about all the rappers and athletes that have squandered their opportunity.he is still around making moves..so you cant knock the hustle dude is going to be around for a awhile in some form.

      • Madamsjr01

        Your absolutely right, it wasn’t no hate just facts. 50s ego has been his worse enemy

    • BEAST

      You must be his financial advisor with all that info. Or.. you’re the guy 50 just described in the video. All the wrong info but the things you got right make people question why are you so hard up studying this man?

      • BEAST

        Ha! Thanks for the spell check. It didn’t seem right but the red line comes up when I did it right!

      • Celz

        Because people look up to him as a role model on how to conduct yourself in the streets and the business world. He’s neither. Following 50s example will get you no where. He was able to take advantage of luck, timing, opportunities, and of course his immense skill. But if any of those things are missing 50 is another Papoose or Ras Kass. He got shot up and his businesses are failing.. Don’t be like him lol. If I gave you the amount of seed money 50 had you would be doing better than him. And I don’t even know you bro, but I truly believe that. 50 is like Trump in many ways. You gotta respect that he got his seed money by dropping classic music though, not a gift from daddy.

      • rs_yes

        “He was able to take advantage of luck, timing, opportunities, and of course his immense skill.” <— Nigga, that's the American way!!! Who has made it, that HAS NOT touched on the 4 areas to make it BIG?

      • Celz

        That’s exactly my point! Niccas want to make it big, not make it wealthy healthy and secure. 50 named his album Get Rich or Die trying right? Well becoming a dentist or any other professional career is a much better way to get rich. Switching luck and timing with hard work and dedication is how most people get rich.. And they stay rich too. Following 50s past will leave 999 out of a 1000 niccas dead, in jail, or 40 with no marketable career skills..

      • Madamsjr01

        Lol, studying? All this is public information and most importantly common sense. . 50 is a supreme hater and I could care less how his career is on the decline. My question to you is, my comments was all facts, so what’s the problem? I can’t mention the clouds if it’s a blue sky without hating? Smh

  3. Tonofhiphop

    I enjoy watching and listening to 50 cents when he does an interview, he show me how to be a wise man and a business man, 50 cents is a genius. Whenever he talks I learn a lot from it.


        dam you hating ass niggas hate to give black men any props. and you think i’mma march and feel bad when you savages get shot?

      • Drake's 3rd best Ghostwriter

        I don’t hate him at all. I think he used to make pretty good music.

      • BEAST

        I think he still makes good music. That “I’m the man” joint is pretty hot. There’s a few- Too Rich and whatever the one in the intro to the show Power

    • Your Dog Needs Training.

      I don’t know if you’re joking or being honest fella.

      That fella talks the talk and doesn’t walk the walk, he has crabs in a bucket mentality.

      With all due respect, you must be young and its nice to see a yungen grow.

      Try listening to Gary Vanyerchuck and take action.

      • disqus_lcLBazVyTd

        i mean that white guy dad was already making money from liquor stores …. plus he is white…. so if he was a crab in a bucket….(optimistically speaking if the crab actually got away) he would be one of the ones at the top WHILE us people who are used to reality will be middle to the bottom…. you need money to make money and if you got money then making it is a whole lot easier … if you dont… well you dont look up to guys like gary seeing that he cant help us.

        Stay in school kids

      • Your Dog Needs Training.

        Yep I agree with some of that but Gary V added another twist to the business to generate a substantial amount of money. Gary V is just one of the few peeps that came to mind.

        BS, ( no dis respect intended bro) you don’t need money to make money, you ever heard of leverage? Quit these textbook ideas and jump into the real world where peeps really take action. ( trade skills et al) I’m not going to get into it here, but I hope you’ll begin to see a bigger and clearer picture.

        Anyone can write a book about making money as a matter of fact some of those folks who’ve written books about making money have never made money before. The only money they made was by selling the book.

        With all due respect bro, get your mindset right, I can tell where you’re at based on what you wrote. I’ve been there too in the past.

      • Madamsjr01

        I completely agree, 50 shows you exactly not to be. He talks a good one but is foolish on so many levels. He singlehandedly destroyed any chance of bring back to like his deaf career by burning bridges.

  4. All Headz Realize

    They say “A good friend can turn into a snake, but never think that a snake will ever turn into your good friend!”

  5. Papi Peligro

    I still say 50 killed hiphop. I still say Kanye 50 face off was the end of an era of hiphop. Investment in hiphop. When they saw that a black man didn’t have to be gangsta to sell and people preferred him not to be the money went elsewhere. The more eccentric you got with going left the more hype got behind you and execs invested in your brand. Gibbs if he ever do sign major will never go platinum due to Bill Boards or Advertisement or Radio spots they will never put that kind of money behind hiphop artist again. Even defjam site don’t look like defjam to me. Mess look like a Disney lineup.

      • Papi Peligro

        Nah all that beefing and skirt pulling showed most rappers is fake and those who ain’t are stupid. So people were tired of 50 antics and all them rappers and crew love was all fake. People were sick of hip-hop. So they had to package something different. The edgey skirt wearer. Autotune rapper. Who would have predicted the Canadian screech would rule rap. They would have laughed him out in 2001.

      • disqus_lcLBazVyTd

        so kanye and them killed hip hop (shyt did change after that face-off though) EVERYBODY was like smh man all taht gangsta shyt played out blah blah blah… then all these soft rappers took over)

        side not – lil wayne one of the greatest but to me he killed rap… he mad it cool to be weird… say sus things… talk gibberish on beat and the song still sell(lollipop remix) really tight leggings, drugfuelled raps, etc like he mad all this shit cool and the only thing he had going for his was his bars cuz wayne had bars but every rapper out now looked up or look like him or act like him


      But Graduation was an official album. Except for that garbage single it was hiphop as hiphop is supposed to sound like IMO. Beats, samples, and rhymes. Curtis was pure trash except for ironically, it’s single “I get money” which sounded just like what hiphop is supposed to sound like.

      Gibbs won’t go platinum because he’s corny and annoying. Doesn’t have star quality. Just his face is alone is offensive lol.

      its pathetic what DEF JAM has become.

  6. Flea

    He the best bullspitter since S.Carter.

    Meanwhile the truth played out in front of everyone eyes but everybody afraid to tell it like it is because 50 got a little change and knows the right people.

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