Did This Transgender Woman Put Blac Youngsta On Blast?

Photo via Blac Youngsta’s Instagram

A transgender woman by the name of BNell Williams is on Facebook claiming to have carried on some kind of relationship or “situationship” with rapper Blac Youngsta. Apparently the two met a few days ago and decided to spend some time together. We can’t confirm if anything went down between the two, but BNell did post a photo of her in the bed beside who she is claiming to be as Blac Youngsta. What are your thoughts? Do you think Blac just got caught up?

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 12.38.11 PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 12.46.14 PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 12.47.56 PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 12.48.10 PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 12.52.11 PM

Up Thuggin With Bae 󾭞🏾󾌬󾆔 #BlaYoungsta #Heavy 󾓤󾓝 #IKNOWYALLBIGMAD 󾌫󾆔󾆔

Posted by BNell Williams on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

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  • Flip Jones

    That’s him in the bed. Look at the rollie on the wrist

    • ZUBU

      I looked at the pic, you can’t tell if it is a Rolex or not from the pic in bed… In fact from any of the pics you can’t tell watch type of watch it is. Brother you reaching…
      Having said that I wouldn’t even be in a picture with that obvious man looking motha-fuckka.

      • Not true posing with fans, club promoters,, etc….

      • ZUBU

        You have a point there, bro…

      • Flip Jones

        Lol but let’s be honest. Do u think he would have got that close if he knew? Youngsta didn’t know. Which is why I think it’s him. These rappers be too high to know up from down

      • ZUBU

        If you end up in bed with a girl looking dude that is more than high… Not certain if it is him, it could be anyone… This he/she just maybe looking for it’s 15 minutes of fame…

      • Petey Wheatstraw

        Didn’t know that nigga is about 6’12”

    • Thats what they want you to think at least

  • Markus

    Disgusting and sad. Dude lied before already so if he says he’s no suspect, I say to him he’s in Mr.Cee Hot 97 denial.

  • #Mr.Toadman AKA Toastman

    Wearin the same shit over and over

  • Controversy Sells

    I believe it. This piece of shit deserves some shit like that

  • Controversy Sells

    I have yet. . . To hear one song by this clown ass nigga. I was raised in 90s hip hop, and it saddens me that these days we get the antics before the music. No one gives a fuk about this shit.

    Wheres his damn music? Have yall ever even posted a song by this guy? Why cant we get more hip hop related articles? Only thing I know about this guy is that he walks around with yo gotti telling the same story of how he pulled 200,000 out the bank and bought a car. I know he gathered his own friends and went to dry areas of dolphs neighborhood and made threatening videos. And I not know he gay. . . . I just dont know not one song

    • That’s because controversy sells!

      • Controversy Sells

        Lol good shit. . . . And I completely inderstsnd but, wheres the music? Thats just like k michelle. I watched her show wit my girl the ither night and there was a scene withher singing and her voice is AMAZING. . . but I looked shorty and said. . It’s sad that we get the negative ratchet shit before we get the music because that shit taints how I feel about the artist and millions of other people. We know all about their social antics but. . . Dont know no songs smh

      • Their music sux, so they rely on marketing & promotion instead of skills.

  • Knickfan4life

    He probably did have sex with her /him he won’t be the first.

  • Classic One why do you ask some stupid questions, why can’t you contact him yourself and get a quote? That’s journalism dude.

    To add, why do I and others have to constantly teach you and the other idiots how to write? It’s getting tedious now.

  • Anthony Mason

    Who is this faggot? Gold chains dressing like he is homeless and eats McDonald’s breakfast lunch and dinner….

  • EastOakland510

    Fool supposedly got all that money and he still wearing wife beaters every time I see dude he wearing wife beaters Wtf

  • DickDangles

    The dude is 7ft tall that is clearly a man 😂😂

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  • @georgiadink

    Kids + Drugs= Tranny sex

    • Anthony Mason


  • hoeyuno

    Meh… And the kids wonder why us older heads ain’t with their movement. ..

  • Perico777

    Dolph playin chess out there not no got damn checkers fuckboy

  • Larry Sandwiches

    So what? Why is this news?

  • Brook York

    Now this so called unclockable is in the hospital with a broken neck! Not pointing any fingers but the timing is alittle suspect.

    AHH needs a section called UNCLOCKABLE TRANS ALERT!
    These rappers are getting set up left and right.

    • Perico777

      Set up? He just mad cause the he/she exposed him

      • Brook York

        Maybe, alot of these guys get set up, they are called unclockable for a reason and they are all not as unfortunate looking as that mess there.

      • SONOFPEARL315 .

        A Lotta these rappers think they simply taking pics with a fan then 5hese trannies try to blackmail them outta cash…some pay some dont the ones that don’t have to put up with fuckery like this…don’t go play g with someone’s manhood like that…that’s why he-she in the hospital now with a broken neck…was the attention worth it?

      • Perico777

        you not a believer better believe that nigga hit after the club he had no clue that was a tranny, if he did he would not take pictures with “her”

    • raymondHernandez

      That pic with he/she whatever is from 2015.

  • TheManYo

    That nigga need to work out wit that huge ass stomach

    • Chris Cline

      same flabby stomach and dirty wife beater lol

  • Rapper Jones

    That he she looked scary af I’m scarred

  • Blac Youngsta exposed