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Q-Tip Reflects On Phife Dawg Convincing Him To Rap (AUDIO)

(AllHipHop News) With the passing of New York rap legend Malik “Phife Dawg” Taylor, many Hip Hop participants and followers shared their thoughts about the A Tribe Called Quest co-founder. Thanks to J. Period, a throwback interview of Q-Tip speaking about some of his memories with Phife has surfaced online as well.

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“Phife really introduced me to actually taking it seriously to rap. I’ve known Phife since I was like 4 years old. We went to church and everything,” said Q-Tip. “We sang in the harmony choir, all that stuff, and he was always the one feeding me with different little things. He’s the one who kinda put it in me that I could rhyme, because he was always rhyming.”

He continued, “Phife was like, ‘Yo, man. We can rap. Listen to [Slick] Rick. You know, you been listening to that joint for weeks. That’s your lane.’ Basically, in that kind of way, he was saying that. So, he pushed me to rhyme.”

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Listen to Q-Tip’s interview below.

  • Q-Tip probably feels like stir fried sh*t right now. His man is gone that he’s known since they were kids. I feel for that crew. They won’t be able to even listen to no old Tribe sh*t for a minute….

    • ZUBU

      Yeah I know it is hard for them going back that far. I have a few boys where we go back 40 years, and one of them is having a B-Day party next weekend celebrating his 50th…
      He told me years ago, that one day either I will be at his funeral or he will be at mine…Just the reality of life for family…. One of us has to bury the other…

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