Does Future Have Another Baby On The Way?

Another day, another rapper and his baby mama drama. According to @Stacy8629, her and Future have a baby on the way. Stacy went as far as to taunt one of Future’s baby mama’s, Brittni, on social media. She announced the pregnancy and claims she’s getting back at Brittni since she claims Brittni was fake with Ciara. Allegedly Brittni was so cordial and friendly to Ciara when Ci and Future were together, but as soon as they broke up, Brittni was right back to messing with Future publicly, that is until she realized that Future was still messing with everyone. The woman behind the @Stacy8629 page says that her and Brittni were once close, and that karma is a b*tch. What is wrong with these sister wives?!

Future baby mama

  • That’s trifling…..not on Future part but for the broad boasting towards one of his bm’s her pregnancy. Smh

    • ZUBU

      I feel what you’re saying bro, but it’s bad all around. Even if Future maintains enough money to fiscally take care of all these darn kids, how can he ever have enough time to give the kids? Kids need their parents not just for money, money is just part of the responsibility…

      • You right about that too tho, so yeah he’s got his ways too and it’s not gonna be pleasant for all parties involved in the long run

      • Gasner Duke-Diesel

        I think future low key has a mental problem or self esteem problem. He probably think having all these kids make him feel like his the man when it really makes him look like a low life. Sooo happy for Ciara for moving on to a real man.

      • reg joe

        Exactly. Don’t make them if you cant be there for them I was a single Dad for years. I think that every man that gets a woman pregnant should be legally responsible to help raise that child. The money is fine but these children need role models instead of finding them in the streets.

      • ZUBU

        Yeah bro, I’ve had home boys that are, were single dads, and it takes a lot of effort for a man or woman to do both.

  • A.P. Millz-CT

    This $h!t is sad.. I guess creating more b@$tard children is the norm for these heaux’s.

  • “When will these rappers learn?”. Probably the day when you fellas finally become journalists Classic One…….. never.

  • Kesha Williams

    This dude is nasty..and these women that brag about them is too..kmsl..low lives.

    • Gasner Duke-Diesel

      Very nasty and low

  • kane pacino

    phuture don’t like having money or wearing rubbers . .

  • Brook York

    Please don’t let it be true….smh.


    In auto-tune voice……..Noooooooooo


    ho be a ho be a ho be a ho…………………….