Sean “Diddy” Combs To Open New Charter School In Harlem

(AllHipHop News) Harlem native Sean Combs is teaming with Capital Preparatory Schools for a new charter school in his hometown. The Hip Hop mogul also known as Diddy/Puff Daddy spent five years meeting privately with community leaders and education experts in order to expand the educational opportunities for young men and women in Harlem and build leaders from the community.

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The Capital Preparatory Harlem Charter School will be overseen by educator and Capital Preparatory Schools founder Dr. Steve Perry. Combs has worked closely with Dr. Perry to build community support and enlist a team of educators, parents, and business leaders to bring the idea of the institution to fruition.

“Creating this school is a dream come true for me. I want to impact the lives of young people in my community, and build future leaders. The first step is offering access to a quality education,” says Combs. “Every young person should have the tools they need to succeed. All our children should be able to pursue their dreams. That is something I can impact with this school.”

Derek Ferguson, Combs’ longtime strategic adviser, will serve as head of the school’s board. The board also includes author and spiritual life coach Dr. Iyanla Vanzant, Mustard Seed Faith Ministry pastor Rev. Georgiette Morgan Thomas, Harlem resident Vince Morgan, Bank of America senior vice president for Community Development Banking Maurice Coleman, and Dr. Perry.

“I’m inspired by Sean Combs’ belief that educating our young people is the key to opening up a world of opportunity for them,” states Dr. Perry. “Sean and I have spent many long hours over the last five years talking about education and how best to meet the needs of the young people of Harlem, and I couldn’t be more pleased to continue this journey through the opening of the school.”

Combs and the school’s board selected Orlando educator Danita Jones to serve as principal of Capital Preparatory Harlem Charter School. The school is looking to enlist the most committed teachers from across the country to re-locate to Harlem.

“Every day, we see so many young men and women of Harlem persevere in their quest to become well-educated and engaged citizens. We are thrilled to be part of a growing community that is committed to helping them do so,” adds Chris Watler, Board Chair of the Boys & Girls Club of Harlem. “We appreciate the immense amount of energy put into laying the groundwork for every incredible addition to our neighborhood. Especially those with the sole purpose of preparing Harlem’s kids to succeed.”

Capital Preparatory Harlem Charter School will be located at 1 East 104th Street in New York City. The initial school year will begin fall 2016.

The school is currently accepting applications for students in the 6th and 7th grades. Capital Prep Harlem will expand a grade each year until it is fully enrolled at 700 students in grades 6 through 12. Anyone interested in applying as either a student or staff should visit www.capitalprepharlem.org.

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  • Drake’s 3rd best Ghostwriter


  • Real Talk

    It’s impossible to run a school

    • ZUBU

      David Robinson HOF NBA player, opened and operates one in San Antonio. David even put several million of his own money to start it. If you are serious you can do it. Seems as if Dr. Perry and Puff are putting together an impressive board, and staff. Not as certain about Puff’s advisor heading the board? That must just be a money thing so he can look after Puff’s investment, because unless he has an educator background I see no reason he should be heading the board…

      • Q.

        Puffy is a dropout, and I wouldn’t trust him around children.

      • ZUBU

        Exactly, Puff is a heck of a businessman for himself, but not very ethically sound. That’s why with his advisor heading the board I find concerning, because at the end of the day Puff probably wants to make some money. If money is your primary concern then that does not align with educating children…

      • Q.

        First day of class, this negro Puff is flinging books in the trash…

        “Okay. Listen up, everybody. Can any of you little mofos sing or dance? Young man–yeah, you with the lip gloss…come here, try this jacket on.”

      • ZUBU


      • Real Talk

        It’s not a business

      • ZUBU

        It is a business, it takes capital to start it up; you have annual budget, you incur many expenses, etc. Now much like a church, and other charitable orgs. it may be deemed a non-profit, and you still have to register it with the state, city, etc. Also it will be incorporated reason why you need a board of directors. It may not be a liquor store, car dealership, etc. but it is a business….

      • Real Talk

        You’re not a very smart individual

      • ZUBU

        You’re not if you can’t articulate any better than you have thus far…

      • ZUBU

        To add to my comment also my brother Jalen Rose, opened a charter school in Detroit as well, props to Jalen as well, Chris Webb is active as well in The ‘D’.

  • Free ciroc for teachers!

  • Mec-One

    Should team up with brother Dr. Umar Johnson …….

    • In Black America

      lmao. Umar aint buildin no school

      • MindFire

        You think Umar fraudin?

      • In Black America

        this is what i will say about umar. google all the stories on umar school and check the dates. then google the name of the 2 schools he claimed he was looking at ( that turned into him only mentioning 1 school) and check the dates of those stories. if i remember right, all the school stories are 2014 and obviously all the umar school stories are 2016. one story from the school in VA said umar johnson in the story but also said he had til the end of the year and that was 2014…………..he still “raising” money for a school and i cant find ANY links to him and the schools. then peep puff and the charter school and peep how puff names who on the board…………….have umar ever named ANYBODY other them him self in relation to the school? so is he a fraud…………..look like that to me is all im saying

  • The City

    Good we need more Doctors and Lawyers

  • TheAfroRican

    Awesome move!

  • K8 Marketing

    This is great and all but I really think they should consider one more member of the board in particular to show the kids they can do anything if they put their mind to it. That person is Malachi A. Love-Robinson. Look him up!

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  • WeakSauce

    Trump University?

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  • BK

    That’s dope

  • takin over the carter

    thats whats up….

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  • youKNOWthatYOUugly

    Finally something tangible that builds something for these kids future. Bravo Puff

  • RayStantz

    Hope it succeeds frfr…

  • In Black America


    even though silly knee grows will find something to complain about.
    lol @ the umar mention below. how bout yall check the time line of umar “school”

    • ZUBU

      ” silly knee grows”
      Get off of our site, go to The Neo Nazi site where your form of logic is better understood…

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


      • ZUBU

        I work for myself… Weirdo, Gay Queeny…
        Reason why nobody on this site likes, nor respects you…. You have a special method for enraging everyone on here…. That takes talent….

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        And I care what you boys think? Lmaooooo

      • ZUBU

        It’s obvious you don’t care, you get off on annoying people online. I doubt if you would annoy as much if we were all face to face, something tells me you would be the quiet guy in the corner….
        Also obviously you do this for attention, because you didn’t get hugs as a kid, nobody loved you so you will do anything for attention, any attention is better than none….

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        no matter what u say about me, i still say U A BIT*H on site. I SEE THE BIT*H IN U!

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


      • In Black America

        what “form” of logic is that? me biggin up puff for the charter school or criticizing silly knee grows who is gonna hate on it? how bout you cut to the chase and just tell why you mad lmao silly knee grows……….i swear

      • ZUBU

        “silly knee grows”
        Your name calling says it all, and the fact that you want to use the term Negroes tells me your not Black off the top, only racist whites use that long outdated term. Also you say Negroes are complaining how about expressing an informed opinion? Never said I was mad I just said for you to go back your site where it’s logically acceptable to refer to Blacks as Silly Negroes, Porch Monkeys, and the other racist terms of endearment your kin enjoy using.
        I’ll leave you with this small chunk of wisdom:

      • In Black America

        smh………..i never thought i would grow to see so many homotional “men”…..assuming of course. 1st off dummy, i said silly knee grows which is called a play off words, interesting that this is a hip hop site and your insecure……….never mind, this is too funny.

        “Your name calling says it all, and the fact that you want to use the term Negroes tells me your not Black off the top”
        nah………off the top your an idiot. i gave props to puff………1st, then said silly knee grows will find a way to bash this and your simple @$$ caught up on word play…………lmao. maybe its your bed time………….just remember im a white racist neo nazi guy who bigged puff up for opening a a school in Harlem and said watch silly knee grows hate on it. lmao

      • ZUBU

        Because I fully understand your type, I grew up in middle class white burbs, (ventured to the Black areas on weekends) attended white dominated schools, joined the Navy with mostly white co-workers, later went to a major white university, run a couple small businesses with mostly white clients. So yes I understand your type very well. You were being just as you intended to be insulting with your sill so-called jokes. I just called you out on it.



      • In Black America

        ” I grew up in middle class white burbs, (ventured to the Black areas on weekends) attended white dominated schools, joined the Navy with mostly white co-workers, later went to a major white university, run a couple small businesses with mostly white clients.”

        Soooooooooooo Basically your white…………or at the very least a white minded black person. i knew you was showing off your insecurities. unlike you sir………..i didnt “venture” in black areas on the weekends, i was born and raised around and with my people. i was NOT heavily influenced by white people or there ideology………..never dated one either, have no children with one. my question was why would YOU be offended with a comment clearly biggin up Puff and you got stuck cause instead of saying negro i said knee grow lmao…………..and then you done did it, you done showed who is the real “white” boy on here lmao. i “venture” to black areas on the weekend lol. you a weekend knee grow lmao……… you sound like a case of Black Face White Mask by Frantz Fanon

      • ZUBU

        You called Black people silly because their opinions may differ from yours, then you used a slur and tried to clean it up with your slick joke line… Trust I’m ass black as any brother who spent all their time in the hood. My family members were educated, in fact my late mother was a life-long educator. Yet I was also taught my history, read Malcom X’s Auto: at about age 9-10; Fredrick Douglas; George Washington Carver; Black Panther Party; and many other reads all as kid. Was taught my history early on (was also taught to be fair to everyone regardless of race or ethnicity) because all we learned about our history in school was MLK. Also never said I was influenced by white culture, but I have studied it, and been a part of it. Hell as undergraduate student I read Hitler’s Auto: “Mein Kump because I wanted to discover how he was able to convince the masses to follow him.
        Will give you a little credit with Frantz Fanon reference, I read that in the Navy in like 1983. I prefer and older comparison from W.E.B. Dubois when he refers to the duality of being Black and trying to fit into mainstream White America.
        Not certain how you exactly “big-upped” Puff you said “Respct” then you started disparaging Blacks assuming you just knew people were going complain. You came out the gate name calling…. That’s my problem…

      • In Black America

        cant clean it up…………..i called black people silly if they diss what puff is doing. cant spin it………….your a black face with a white mask. it all make sense. you “venture” into blackness on the weekend lmao ok, so check it. Respect in the Black Community (maybe this was a lesson taught between monday and friday lmao) means im saying Respect to puff for the charter school. me saying simply Respect is so i dont have to say Respect to puff for opening a charter school in Harlem. and AGAIN sily knee grows is for the silly knee grows that will HATE on puff doing that. but i get it…….since you been mostly around white people your whole life its like your tryin to hit me with a ALL LIVES MATTER when i say BLACK LIVES MATTER.

      • ZUBU

        “since you been mostly around white people your whole life its like your tryin to hit me with a ALL LIVES MATTER when i say BLACK LIVES MATTER.
        Read dude, NEVER said I’ve been mostly around white people all my life, I said I lived in neighborhoods with them; was schooled with them; worked, etc. I learned their methods, and you used some of their terms and methods to slick diss Black people and I called you on it.
        Son, I would never have to wear a white mask over my Black face… SMH.. I was not reared in that manner, always been very proud to be Black. On some James Brown late 60’s: “SAY IT LOUD I’M BLACK AND I’M PROUD!’
        Son you sound silly how could I read all the aforementioned books as kid and not be proud to be Black?
        As far as that weekend stuff: my mother was an educator. She knew that many of the schools in the hood were under-staffed, poorly funded, etc. Obviously she wanted me to have the best education I could get, and if that meant I had to live in the burbs then so be it.
        Always kept a hood connection because I had family member there so I was always connected and never lost my place in the hood. Because believe it or not that is where I began life… It’s the duality that Dubois talked about read it if you have not……..
        Hell yeah BLACK LIVES MATTER MORE TO US WHEN THEY ARE KILLING US, AND LOCKING US UP AT CONSIDERABLY HIGHER RATES THAN OTHER GROUPS…. but once again you want to assume my opinion; I can tell you’re young because you do know what assuming does …. huh?

      • In Black America

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        good laugh though. In Black America Radio. We on Fri and Sat at 9 on blogtalkradio
        i’ll think of a topic by thursday

      • ZUBU

        You sound really simple now, Of course my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, all taught me things. As humans everything is a learned experience, the only innate quality we have as humans is the ability to suckle. Everything your assuming ass knows was learned, whether you learned it in the hood or the burbs. I can tell right now your hood skills can’t match mine, I’ve always been official in any city I ever lived in. Son I’ve done things you would be scared to be involved in… what city do you live in? Boy don’t get the game twisted because you think someone is educated, that is that simple hood mentality… I’ll refer back to duality, I can prosper in either setting. Can you prosper in any setting or are you just limited to the hood? I won’t make assumptions like you… Example: over the years I’ve knocked about a bunch of dudes who didn’t think I was hood enough just because a brother is well manner, articulate, and well dressed.
        Don’t limit yourself, broaden your possibilities……

      • In Black America

        lmao, you insecurities is starting to show. let me bring this back to its origins. The rest of this is to silly for me to even entertain anymore. the facts are……….puff should be respected for the charter school, silly knee grows will find a reason to hate on it and if you really think im white then i gave you an outlet to prove it if your real………….

      • MrsOno

        I hate to jump in this thread but I must. If you were in the Navy in 1983, how old are you? Seriously. Too old to be arguing with someone on a wanna be hip hop site. Don’t you think?

      • ZUBU

        Well MrsOno, you did jump in. As far as being too old for intellectual debate, hopefully a person is never too old to express an opinion or to teach/learn. If you started from the first comment he started calling Blacks “silly knee grows.” Because he assumed Blacks would be critical of Puss, or to quote him:

        “even though silly knee grows will find something to complain about.”
        I thought it sounded like a racists comment, and I found it offense. Now as far as being too old; often time younger people think someone is too old for rap/hip hop. Obviously when KRS-1, RAKIM, LL, TOO SHORT, E-40, ETC. all are still in the game I think it’s ok for me to listen if I want. However I don’t listen to most of these little dudes who are popular, just not my style…..

  • That’s what I call giving back.

  • Noneya Business

    These mfers are @$$ backwards. These type of things should be the first on your to do list when you have it. Me I’m different I’d build recreational centers n more jobs in the neighborhood just to prevent the younger kids n those already teenagers opportunities to stay away from violence but instead this n!99@ came out with liquor n things in that nature first n as soon as he does something like open a charter school 20 years after being in the music business @llhiphop suckin his d!ck

    • Eli Pinilla

      If he didn’t do all those things first, he wouldn’t have the ability to do this as good as he can now. That’s Ciroc money, not “no way out”; Mase money. There are cities and towns that can’t afford to keep schools open. Shit ain’t cheap.

      • Noneya Business

        What world are you living in?? This is a world where as long as you have money and some type of power the Elite FCK with you regardless if you look out for your community or not. As long as they can tax ya a$$ that’s all that matters to THEM. Too many sheeples in the world not enough People. You’d be one of the people to get chipped up like they doing now in the world. It already started with cats and dogs you gon be next you fkn puppet.


      Your a hater. Puff been doing positive things for hoods from coast to coast since he got in the game. Like Eli said below If he didn’t do all those things first, he wouldn’t have the ability”

      • Noneya Business

        FCK Diddy ever do for you that got u acting as if he ya father?? N!99@$ can be savages and as long as he black and wealthy mfers a still be groupies 😅😅

    • khaosol.com

      Why are you mad though…..

      • Noneya Business

        I’m mad that no matter how much of a fraud one can be they can still get away with nonsense as long as they have money and sheeples like you still s*ck his d!ck.

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    It’s more then Mike Jordan ever did for us heard he building jails

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