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Woman Claims Young Thug Stole Her Artwork For ‘Slime Season 3’ Cover

Uh oh! A woman is claiming that Young Thug stole her artwork for his ‘Slime Season 3’ album cover. A woman that goes by the name N. Award posted a photo of Young Thug on her Instagram account that caught the attention of Thug and his team. The artwork later became the cover for his ‘Slime Season 3’ project. The artwork was taken without the artist’s knowledge and no attempt was made for her to be paid. Thugger’s art collaborator, Fano, told Reddit that he had nothing to do with choosing the art for this album, and all he did was change some colors. He claims no one in the camp knew who created the original until a few days ago. Thugger’s camp claims to have tried to find the original artist before release to no avail. Fano and Thugger’s team are saying the artist is actually being compensated now. GOOD. Oh yeah, it didn’t help that Young Thug’s fiancee liked the original artist’s post of the picture.

  • Anthony Mason

    Young Thug steals everything from people…


      You don’t mean everything… If he did he’d be in jail..

      • Anthony Mason

        His “creativity”… not physical objects. Most niggas cant write like me off a gram of coke and and a 20 Oz bottle of cherry coke…

        Swear on everything I posted a rhyme on here months ago and it showed up on one of his bulls*** mixtapes with like 4 words changed. Either I’m clairvoyant or that nigga reads threads for lyrics….IJS.

        And this is one of the only sites people actually post rhymes up for the f*** of it on the board for fun….

      • ZUBU

        Bro, I have to believe you. I recall I think last year some time you posted something, and I was like ok real shit cause it was on topic to whatever story we all were conversing about… You told me you had just wrote that off the dome…. Bro if you got those skills get you some extra paper off that, Ghost for these wack dudes… I would say copyright first, and I know you know, but get yours…

  • Notsolucky

    I bet young thug steals women’s jeans and blouses!

  • jeweliano

    I thought he stole her nail polish…..

  • Brook York

    Ooh, those five finger discounts will get you every time!


    He steals everything from women

  • Links, pics ?

    Of course not, site’s lame af