Are Drake & Future Planning Another Joint Tour?

Rumor has it that Drake and Future have a new joint tour on the way. With Future wrapping his ‘Purple Reign’ tour and Drake announcing at SXSW that he’s going on tour, this could very much be true. Will you be attending?

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  • Frank Yoster

    Aweee isnt that cute..drak3 thinks hes a trap artist! Future is dying for drake fans…but just can get them….future owes drake his career! Future sucks

    • Gap Tooth Bruce

      Yeah right Future was go win regardless

    • RapItUp

      uhh… Drake’s core audience is chicks.. and Future’s music also caters to (in some twisted fashion) chicks… I don’t see where you think Future didn’t loan Drake some of HIS fans, if anything! and vice versa. Neither is leaning on the other, in this case. The same chick that wants to get emo and put Drake on, will subsequently put Future on and twerk her way to the dance floor… while shooting a snapchat video…

  • A singer pretending to be a rapper and a rapper pretending to be a singer…. Care to guess which one’s the imposter? Yeah…. Me too….

  • TheAfroRican

    The Soft and Lean Tour….sponsored by Charmin Tissue and Sam’s Choice cough syrup.

  • Six7

    I doubt they tour together, bro.