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Chief Keef Welcomes Home Another Child With Another New Baby Mama?!

It seems like every other day Chief Keef and Fetty Wap allegedly get someone pregnant. They don’t believe in condoms and aren’t afraid of STDs apparently. Well Chief Keef just welcomed home a new baby with yet another baby mama, @RichGirlMy. One of his other baby mamas, @Simone_Patton, had a miscarriage this year. Every day one of his baby mamas is on Instagram saying that Chief doesn’t pay his child support. One of them even said that because of this, she still has to strip. His lawyers claim Keef is a target for women looking to come up. Nah, Chief Keef is just reckless. Congrats though!

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  • Executive

    You can’t go around sticking your dicc in everything and then cry that “your a target for a womans come up” you fuckin peabrain.

  • Executive

    Any woman(lil girl in these cases) just popping out babies deserves to feel the burn.

  • Briggs Islam

    At some point, shouldn’t the women start taking blame for getting pregnant with the rapper with 6-7 kids they already don’t take care of?

  • Markus

    Ignorant, irresponsible and completely selfish. And I’m talking about any female willing to lay down with a serial deadbeat dad. If that child had the strength in its legs they should pack a bag and run away.

  • TheAfroRican

    Ignorant shit

  • ZUBU

    Dumb And Dumber… SMH… He is a border-line crack baby, and the girls trying to get a mill-ticket off of this dude are every bit the same. The first girl was literally a kid, and he was a minor then but older than her. The rest of these slors are just trying to eat for 18 years, though I would be totally shocked if this dude is getting money 18 years from now…. He has demonstrated that he doesn’t like to pay, and the chick is stuck with the baby…… Last time he will probably see this baby….. First Time, Last Time….

    • hoeyuno

      His mom definitely didn’t stop partying when pregnant with the boy haha


    That niggas lean breath is literally killing this baby….This nigga need a vasectomy…

  • hoeyuno

    Would there be outrage if the courts ordered this kid to get clipped?

  • hoeyuno

    In a year or so when Keef has no more rap money he’ll have mad babymama houses to crash at

  • Golgo 13

    by the way he is going on he will have like 10 kids

    • Vinsanity

      And no money.

  • stephen

    Hey Maybe itll workout this time LMAO