YG & Nipsey Hussle Say “F*ck Donald Trump”


West Coast rappers and frequent collaborators YG and Nipsey Hussle link for a new track aimed at Presidential Candidate Donald Trump.

Stream the track below. #FuckDonaldTrump

  • MrsOno

    They tried it! I’ll wait for their collaboration where they’re rapping about Black on Black crimes need to cease! Smh…where was a song like this from them when Los Angeles was trying to commit 100 murders in 100 days last year? I stand up for those who stand up for us.

  • big brain

    The father of a black son who was killed by an illegal immigrant gang bangers was campaigning for Trump. The illegal gang banger was arrested before and not deported. How many of these Gang bangers have killed blacks in L.A. and probably some of YG and Nipsey homies. I know they got Mexican fans, but it’s a lot deeper issue then people think. The black kid killed had football scholarships, one from Stanford. Mexicans can be racist, but Trump has a point to a degree.