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Young Buck Going To Jail For Seven Months After Calling Ex-Girlfriend 100 Times

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Young Buck is heading back to prison for violating the terms of his probation after several altercations with his ex-girlfriend.

Last month, Young Buck was sent to jail after the Nashville native threatened to burn down his ex-girlfriend’s apartment via text message.

Things went to another level when he allegedly kicked in door of the woman’s apartment to collect belongings of his that as it turns out, were not there

Young Buck was released on $5,000 bail for the incident in July and ordered once again, to have no contact with the woman.

Instead of complying with the order, police claim Young Buck contacted – or tried to contact the woman – more than 100 times on August 1st.

The rapper, born David Darnell Brown, will now spend another seven months in prison for a 2012 gun charge, which he already served 18 months for.

In March, Young Buck faced jail time for threatening a man who was attempting to collect back child support owed to one of his children.

He also dodged a sentence in 2015 for trying to use someone else’s urine for a drug test.


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  1. Markus

    He’s persistent, I’ll give him that. Around the 5th or 6th call I would’ve gotten the hint that she’s no longer interested. And I wouldn’t get to the point of losing more than a half of a year of freedom to figure that out either. From Young Buck to Dumb Buck.

      • Markus

        I actually tried a couple of times to write that and I gave up. AHH’s censors more worried about profanity than their own writers spelling words correctly. Crazy.

      • RapItUp

        haha they have definitely turned the heat up on the profanity here. Which is silly, considering most of us use the words tastefully (see my example above lol). You’re dead on; there are some absolute morons working at AHH right now

    • The Legendary Troll

      voicemail got me ring ring ringing
      ring ring ring ring ring ringing
      and ring ring ring ring ring ringing
      and ring ring ring ring ring ringing
      and ……………………………………..

  2. #HOLY juleo478

    Damn buck….he was doing good he got to get it back together. He was the only g-unit member who was active on the music front. 50 will drop a song every half a year and pump fake the rest of the year.

    You only hear from banks when he has to do a show to pay his monthly bills and won’t hear from him again. And yayo is somewhere doing something constructive I hope.

  3. JerZeBoy

    come on man be smarter buy a throw away phone or something they cant prove……if your that dumb you get what you deserve….oh and 50 aint bailing you out! lol

    • Product of Da Reagan Era

      50 will bail him out because he been there too. All them cats in G-Unit got jammed up messing with them cop calling chicks. But Buck owe parole so he gotta sit.

      • JerZeBoy

        50 already bailed him out once, aint got the $ to anymore

      • ZUBU

        Boy quit smoking that ish, you are not in the know. It is a parole violation there is no bond. But you bring your dumb azz on here everyday with dumb ish…
        So you just want to talk about how much money 50 does not have… 50 got enough money to bail Buck, heck I got enough money to bail Buck, but there is not a bond….
        Go Away to whatever site you came from; your energy is so negative, Go Away…..

      • hoeyuno

        I was gonna say the same ish…. well the no bond ish anyways haha

      • JerZeBoy

        1st off no $hit. that’s why I said 50 isn’t going to bail him out and I wrote lol. Is this your 1st time on a computer? Also, I’m on this site with a good 15-20 other people that are in the industry as engineers and what not, we talk multiple times a week, and are more then familiar with trolls like you that comment when they weren’t being talked to.

      • ZUBU

        You sound unintelligent; once again 50 or nobody else on planet earth can bond him out! There is not a bond! Impossible are you slow mentally, or just admit you know nothing about the streets…
        I’ve have been on this site for many years, and know far more than your lil’ 15-20 fake dudes. I know the Veterans on here.
        Engineers? What type, sanitation engineers?
        You’re on here everyday crying about how people are against you because you’re; whining whenever someone Black speaks about our cause… Go away, go to a site where Blacks are not voicing their opinions and you have no need to complain… Seems pretty simple to me; no way in hades would I beat on a site that is pro-white… I leave you to yourselves, leave us…

      • JerZeBoy

        lmao Ahh this is a site about hip hop so I would probably say its about music, so an audio engineer, what did you finish 8th grade? Have you ever heard of one? Im puerto Rican, so dont play the black card with me, as I see you try to use it regularly on here. If you are that “Pro black” how come you like Hiphop soo much, not to long ago it was 99% own by crackers till they moved on after they collected their blood money from YOUR people, so maybe support a real “pro black” movement, as just becasue the faces of something are black, doesnt mean they run the $hit, like everything else in this country. Oh and the 15 or so of us are on here for the music, and click on the links, we dont comment on every post like a gossiping girl, and don’t say you dont, you forget people can click on your profile and see all of your comments. so please, go be a positive member to society since you are so worried about YOUR people, because talk is cheap, and bullshit runs marathons

      • ZUBU

        Boy you are not Rican, if so you think you are a white boy… Look at the “Your” people comment you made… You know if you are really Rican you have Afro-Latino blood in your veins.
        As far as my 8th grade education…. How about I have a graduate degree from a very nice university…
        “Sanitation Engineer” I guess like the sun and the sky it was above your head…. I was clowning you boy… If you really are Rican you don’t care to be, you want to be white boy….

      • JerZeBoy

        What is “wanting to be white mean” you make racial remarks every other sentence. If you mean I want to be white because I am educated and speak well, and do very well for myself in this country? Then you know what, I will take that as a compliment. Its clear you are the one with living a negative life, as you were unhappy and throwing digs from the 1st reply you made to me, when I wasnt even addressing you. But you give what you get, so don’t come at people side ways if you don’t want the same. Enjoy your night, I’m going to make some more “white people’s money”!!!

      • ZUBU

        Boy I took shots at you because of what you do daily, racially related. So I had to verbally chin check you. “White People” money? Boy there is no color to the money I make but “green and white.” I don’t care what your so-called race or ethnicity is…

  4. ZUBU

    Real Talk he made an emotional decision, and this is the result. Oftentimes when any human allows emotion to supersede their logic the results are bad.
    Now the key is to learn from the experience… And leave that chick alone if she calling them people on you……

    • STEPH

      A couple of emotional decisions….Kicking in the door, threatening to burn apt down, calling that broad over a 100 times, “L” material all day!

  5. STEPH

    LOL! Burn down her apartment. Leave that hoe alone and make some damn music Lmao! F-ckin idiot…50 got that big stupid a$$ grin on his face right now….smh calling her over a 100 times wtf? Leave those T.H.O.T.S alone bruh. She must’ve had some thunder pu$$y and fu-ked up that mans head.

  6. ursocalledgod

    catz kill me talking im a street ninja this or im a player this, pimp that and be the same dudes in the same situation this lame is in. the same dudes crying and killing themselves over a punk azz female. showing up at the broad house trying to fight her new dude and punk shyyyt like that lmao yall lames do the world a favor and kill yourselves so real ninjas can keep the game official.

  7. Madamsjr01

    50 love when his soldier is down bad so he can get out beg and brag about what he does for him. Game was the smartest getting from up under 50. Gunit a bunch of could’ve beens… yes men

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