Crip Gang Member Killed Inside Of Maino’s Ottawa Show

(AllHipHop News) A member of a notorious Crips subset in Ottawa Canada was shot and killed inside a nightclub where rapper Maino was performing this morning (August 14).

Police identified a 33-year-old man named Omar Rashid-Ghader as the victim in the shooting.

Local reports said Ghader was a founding member of the South-End based Ledbury-Banff Crips.

Judging by Maino’s Instagram, his performance at the Sentral Nightclub went smooth.

But just after 3:00am this morning, gunshots were fired inside of the venue. Ghader, who was also an aspiring rapper, was hit. He died at the scene.

In May, Maino was an artist on the bill at a T.I. concert in New York, where four people, including Troy Ave, were shot.

Maino professed his innocence and he was cleared of any wrongdoing by the NYPD in regards to the shooting in May, which took the life of Troy Ave’s close friend Ronald “Banga” McPhatter.

Police are looking for a suspect named Mustafa Ahmed, 28, who is wanted for second-degree murder for allegedly shooting Omar Rashid-Ghader.

Maino was in Toronto tonight, where he hosted a meet and greet at the Get Fresh Company boutique store.

22 Responses to “Crip Gang Member Killed Inside Of Maino’s Ottawa Show”

  1. Markus

    How disgraceful is it that bloods and crips have spread wider and further than most organizations that practice peace? This fool if he was as focused as he was on negativity could have started any other kind of group but instead he chose to enlist cowards who can’t stand on their own. And now he’s gone probably over something a real man wouldn’t ever involve himself in. Stop the madness.

  2. Anthony Mason

    Maino equals drayno ( lol!) / This featuring on random song a** N***a has that fire like Cano!…/ Toronto crips and bloods with french, scottish, english names are in the right biz / They can easily jump on Drakes Payroll!!!…!


    Many midwest hoods in the U.S. ( Gary, youngstown, Detroit, southside Chicago) / If those fool a** groupies go there….they better lay low! / Funny how these freemasonic rappers friends keep getting murked every week at random…. / Haloooo!!!! (Lmao!!!!)

    ….smh. It isn’t funny but death surrounds these dudes for some reason….hmm….


    Gang banging has spreader everywhere But Oakland California…AINT NO CRIPS & BLOODS IN OAKLAND, THATS THE RULE!!!

  4. kuul

    So the title was misleading. The gang affiliation was unnecessary information. If you read the article it sounds like maino was gone already.

  5. ursocalledgod

    a 33 year old inspiring rapper and gang banging? statistically this ninja was going to amount to shyyyyt. hopefully he didn’t leave behind a gang of kids.

  6. Snnn

    Every gang out nowadays are Punks & Cowards…Be true G’s,have ur best go toe to toe to see who the baddest is…Bitches shoot first,Bitches carry guns…

  7. Q.

    A: “What province you from, cuz?”

    B: “I’m from E.O.L.M.C.!”

    A: “The fuq is dat, eh?!?”


    A: (nodding in approval) My w!gga.

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