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No Way Out: Diddy Pops Up At Drake Concert

It’s certainly good to see that Drake and Diddy have apparently settled all of their differences especially after the rumors of Diddy allegedly slapping Drake a while back and Drake allegedly sneak dissing Puff on “4PM In Calabasas.” Remember Drake rapped on the potentially Bad Boy production-inspired song,

“The higher I get the less they accept me. Even had the OGs tryna press me, Ha-ha-ha-ha.”

Diddy was spotted supporting the 6 God at the Greensboro, North Carolina tour stop of Drake & Future’s ‘Summer Sixteen’ tour.

One would have to wonder out of all of the possible tour stops to visit, why would Diddy choose the North Carolina one. Maybe he was linking up with his pal Big Fendi.

There have also been rumors that Cassie has been texting Drake so maybe Puff had another reason to stop by. Puff has jokingly said that he doesn’t want any problems with Drake in the past, so perhaps this could be genuine support.

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P Diddy made an appearance and sat beside us 😳

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18 Responses to “No Way Out: Diddy Pops Up At Drake Concert”

  1. MegaHind

    “There have also been rumors that Cassie has been texting Drake…”

    Rumors that up to this point only existed in your head. I guess these “hip hop sites” really do think their audience is dumb as a bucket of rocks.


  2. keepitthoro

    “The higher I get the less they accept me. Even had the OGs tryna press me, Ha-ha-ha-ha.”

    Lol, can’t lie, that’s a sick line still.

  3. #Mr.Toadman AKA Toastman

    Not hatin but that benz piece puffy be shinin all the time is mad corny . Like you dont see gucci rockin a chevy piece

    • RapItUp

      **been shinin.. puff had that piece back before brothas was even getting into foreign whips. I think that’s why he still rocks it. Kinda cool to see somebody with the same vintage pendant on.. Gucci’s Bart Simpson, for instance, would be dope. Jay kinda watered down the Roc chain, giving Khaled one.. lol

  4. Markus

    Aubrey getting everyone in line out here in rap. He brings out J.Cole calling him the most influential artist of this generation. Shot to Kendrick. Goes to New York, takes pics with Charlemagne and speaks out about New York radio DJs telling lies and how they should be firing their personnel. Shot to Ebro,Flex and Not 97. Then goes to Philly in full bully mode. Shots to Meek. Rap is embarrassing letting Aubrey be out here setting the tone so much that the only break people have to look forward to is from Frank moist as an Ocean. Damn.

  5. Chaseboogie The Prince

    Soooooo…..basically, we’re gonna get a daily up to date memo about Drake’s tour each day huh? Okay, I think I may just check back in when the tour is over and AHH have a few more things to talk about.

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