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Did Vince Staples Diss The Notorious B.I.G. On New Album?

Vince Staples is known to troll quite a lot. So, here we go again. After some BS controversy a few years ago with all of the 90’s rappers, it seems Vince is ready to tangle again. This time, on his new album Prima Donna, his song “Pimp Hand” makes some raps that seem to poke fun at Biggie. The whole verse is below so there is no chance of it being taken out of context. This song is supposedly about telling old heads to stay out of young folks music. Not sure how he can do that, since the OGs like Nas are still spitting fire. I’m certain Vincie knows what he’s doing bigging up OGs like WC and Trey D. They are very alive and very official.

What you thought it was n~~~a I’m the man round here
Hands down man down by my grandma crib
On the east
Riding round don’t be slipping
Don’t Blood me cuz whole Long Beach Cripping
No cease
Firing I’m fired up tripping
In A NY fleece wasn’t playing no Biggie
WC and Trey D keep sh~t crippy
No boot camp clicking we was food stamp flipping
Tryna eat
1st of the month re’d up 15th
Quarter punch ice cream trucks police
Stay tryna lock ni~~as up
Foes wacking out the set then we shot ni~~as up
No peace
No love not not clicking up
Swap meet whites and a Glock in the trunk
OG’s tryna tell a ni~~a bout the game
But it don’t add up cause the Crippin’ not the same on me

What do you think? He’s saying a lot in the verse, but quite frankly, I don’t care enough to dig too much deeper.

17 Responses to “Did Vince Staples Diss The Notorious B.I.G. On New Album?”

    • RapItUp

      Houston didn’t even mention boot camp click, probably didn’t know what it was at the time of writing this article til the comments filled up. As soon as I read the lyrics, I thought, oo, just ignored this equal BCC “diss” immediately after the Biggie line? Lol

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  2. ursocalledgod

    stop it AHH. at least get someone who understands the music before you let them write this nonsense. smh stretch Armstrong for real around this bih

  3. DreamBigLiveLarge

    sounds like he’s just saying he was pro-west music. not rockin w the east. don’t sound like a diss at all

  4. lando

    If that ain’t dissing the east I must be trippin. He can’t tell me he don’t like no song from someone on the east coast

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