New Video Surfaces With Tupac Photo From 2015!??

We know everyone is excited about seeing the new Tupac movie, especially since the “All Eyez On Me” trailer dropped and you see how much Demetrius Shipp Jr. looks like the rapper.

But is there even a need to see a movie about Tupac, if the rapper is really still alive?

There’s a new video recently released that’s racking up millions of views, that has was is supposed to be a selfie of Tupac, that he took himself in 2015.

Conspiracy theorists suggest to Pac faked his own death and went to Cuba with his aunt Assata Shakur, to get out of a deal with Death Row Records.

This video will no doubt only add to the many theories out there regarding Pac’s tragic death.

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75 Responses to “New Video Surfaces With Tupac Photo From 2015!??”

  1. 3rdEye_Sharp

    This is obviously the result of having too much time on your hands. Smh. Anyway…Shout out to Colin Kaepernick! Way to G up, my dude!!! Massa worse enemy/fear is a slave that escapes and becomes free! Let that marinate!

    • ZUBU

      I feel what you saying bro, Colin making a stand that very few celebs are willing to do. He committed career suicide in the process, but it reminds me of the athletes in the 60’s who totally took a stand on behalf of us. I wish him the best.
      I also agree with him, and I’m a veteran, but our country has not been kind to us. My grandfather, father, and several uncles were all vets and they fought for freedom but did not get equality here…

      • 3rdEye_Sharp

        I’m a vet, as well and I feel you bruh. But that whole “freedom” ideology is all rhetoric. We go to war, because of the wealthy 1%ers greed and longing for world-wide domination and monopolization.

        I fought in Operation Iraqi Freedom. What was the result??? Sky high gas prices and mass production of opioid medication. Big business took over the oil reserves in Iraq and sold it to America at inflated prices. We sent our special teams forces to Afghanistan…not to find no damn Bin Laden…we went there, because Afghanistan has the highest natural reserve of poppy seed crops and cannabis indica plants. Notice how not to long after 9/11 you started seeing an influx in Big Pharma producing opiates and some serious momentum behind the cannabis legalization movement. Just something to think about!

        At the end of the day, by law, by way of the constitution of the united states…we are still LEGALLY 3/5 of a man. But they learned fractions from Imhotep. Ain’t that a b!tch??? Smh

      • arichnig

        What branch y’all were in? I’m prior Air Force (6 years)

      • meanu2

        I had a ball.

        Never been in a war zone.. worked 7-4..

        off early on Fridays..

        4 day weekends often..

        Dont know nothing about air craft..

        Smoked weed a lot lot.

        got 2 degrees..

        never been to korea..

        TDY to Italy….

        Jordans 5 for $80 at he (BX no tax)..

        Sat at a desk and surfed the internet for 6 hrs ave a day..

        Never worked out..

        Played BBall for 2 hrs on the clock..

        Basic training was a joke ,,, never had any issues..

        G.I. Bill paid $70k to my universities..

        Also housing allowance + books stipend…

        EASY work and I got honorable discharge,..]
        Veteran discounts.

        People say than you for your service and I know I didnt protect and serve jack

      • 3rdEye_Sharp

        Hold up! So, you didn’t get piss tests in the Air Force??? That’s some bullshit! I was out in Cali, not being able to hit the Chronic on the regular. Smh. Now, I’m jealous! Lol

      • meanu2

        I got pissed test 3 times.

        Once at MEPS…

        Again at my first base and then when I was geting out..

        3 times in 8 years..

        Me and my boy used to smoke a lot lot when we was young..

        We was crazy enough to hot box in my car parked by a dumpster on the base with some girls from off base..

        Super wild.. I rememer the dogs coming in our dorms with the SP’s (security police) and I know my clothes reaked because dude used to get dro before I knew what dro was..

        A few people I know got in trouble and kicked out for smoking ….me I was like Durant or somebody in the Air Force.

        Medals, security clearance, Airman of the Quarter (twice), and they would never suspect me of being a smoker.

        I had never smoked anything in my life prior to joining.

      • ZUBU

        Me bro Navy, My grandfather and dad Army, one uncle Air Force, other uncles Army…

      • 3rdEye_Sharp

        I was a West Coast sailor. USS Shiloh CG-67. I was beatin they head in, on the ship, too! Them jokers was scared of the God!

      • ZUBU

        LMAO! I feel you bro! I was mostly on the East Coast, Virginia, Maryland, Florida. Pax River, Dahlgren, VA. Jacksonville… They took a different liking to me as well, once they realized that I was not a sheeple. I had independent thought, which you know they do not like in there!

      • DJ7

        Independent thought is what got me an article 15 and eventually chaptered out on a general discharge…reason…misconduct
        Black balled from civilian employment for many many years to come…true spill

        Army communication specialist…Calvary battalion…combat action in Desert Storm & Panama

      • TALK_BOSS

        Same here… what point did u notice u were black balled?

      • arichnig

        Salute bruh. Great times, traveled the world, became a man, and alot of other stuff I might be blocked for lol

      • 3rdEye_Sharp

        You have no idea, bruh! That’s why Black people need to leave that Christianity alone! All denominations of Christianity descends from Catholicism.

        Here’s my drop the mic moment: The Pope was the one that made it permissible for the subjugation and oppression of ALL African people. The Vatican took ALL of the majority of the resources that linked our genius to our melanin and has it locked away in a vault in Rome. Why do you think Rome invaded Kemet, in the first place? So, when you get down to it…we were labeled as 3/5 of a man, legally, by the Roman Catholic Church, from which Baptism, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, 7th Day Adventists, Methodist, Episcipalian, AME, Jehovah’s Witness and Mormon ALL come from. That label was initially placed on us as a spiritual damnatione, by the ruling super power of that time.

        Then when the European man arrived here and saw that African people were already here, they couldn’t do nothing to them, but they did enact that ideology on the people that were forcibly brought here. By the way, check out the Gullah/Guiche Wars…That was Indigenous African people of America (Native Americans) wylin’ on Massa and his plantations all through the south. They was burning down plantations, left and right! Of course, that part of American History is not reported!

      • ZUBU

        Heavy duty brother……. You’re correct… I don’t get too deep on here. After military service I went to college, learned a lot of what you stated… You speak the truth… Peace God…

      • 3rdEye_Sharp

        Peace God! Yeah, I dig it. That’s why I been in the cut. I usually only come out of the shadows for stuff like this. I be watchin’ tho!

        On a different note, there’s an old African proverb that goes, “Knowledge is not for you, it’s for the community.” So, I have an obligation to the ancestors to disseminate this information to our people. Those that get it, great. Those that don’t? At least I don’t have to answer to the Divine Spirit and the Ancestors on why I’m not sharing this information with my brothers and sisters. The Ancestors been showing me mad love, on the strength of my sharing my wisdom, so if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

      • NCcatsBALLhard

        I’m just being curious, but what religion would you suggest practicing, if any at all?

      • 3rdEye_Sharp

        That’s a good question! Before you learn and/or practice ANY religion, first you should learn etymology, which is the study of the origin of words, so that you can know how the term was meant to be used…which brings me to the word religion. Religion is an institution, just like prison, military, and college. What ALL institutions have in common, is at their foundation, they seek to control people’s minds, actions and life styles. In short, my answer is: don’t practice ANY of these western religions, including Islam.

        Quick history lesson…ALL of the “Big 3” religions (Christianity, Islam and Judaism) were all developed in Western societies, but the foundation and basis for their ideology was “culture vultured” from Kemet (Ancient Egypt) which literally means Land of the Black People.
        When the Greeks ruled Kemet, the Greeks named it Alexandria. In Alexandria, Ptolemy Philadelphus arranged for the Kemetic scrolls to be rounded up by his army and guarded inside one central temple. He then had 72 Hebrew scholars from Jerusalem to come down to Kemet and translate these scrolls, which written in MDU-NTCHR(The first written and spoken language on Earth!) He divided the scribes in to 6 groups of 12 and placed each group in separate quarters to translate these scrolls. Because, all 6 groups had the same exact translation of these Kemetic scrolls, Ptolemy proclaimed that this HAD to be divinely inspired, so he wrote a letter to Greece, titled The Letter of Aristeas to validate, what, at the time, ultimately became known as The Pentateuch. The Pentateuch, as you know it today, is called The Torah or The Old Testament of the Bible. The Letter of Aristeas was a psuedepigrapha(false work/false account) because it was heresay and therefore not based on any facts. So the ENTIRE Old Testament is a fabricated and mistranslated version of Kemetic/Ancient African Spiritual systems.

        So Judaism is DEFINITELY out of the question.

      • NCcatsBALLhard

        Real deep. So what do you think/know is the closest thing to a real bible if there ever was one?

      • 3rdEye_Sharp

        Well…Like I said, study Traditional African Spirituality. Religion doesn’t deal with spirituality. Religion deals with control. Spirituality deals with freedom, love, peace and understanding.

        I started by first denouncing ALL of the Abrahamic religions, when I found out that Abraham of the Bible and Quran never even existed. I’m gonna preface my next statement with “don’t laugh”, but I smoke weed. Cannabis is an entheogen. Entheogens are natural substances from the earth that elevate your consciousness, thus the term “getting high.” The others, which I haven’t had any experience with, are ayahuasca, peyote, etc. Anyway, entheogens have been used in spiritual rituals for tens of thousands of years. When your conscious is in an elevated state, you get a more divine understanding of how the world and universe works. It’s like you have direct communication with the creator/ Divine Spirit.

        You definitely want to look into the power that the Ancestors have in your life, how much they steer your life and how when you’re connected with them, spiritually, they keep certain negative energies away from you. The Ancestors are very important to you reaching your destiny and achieving your goals.

      • 3rdEye_Sharp

        Matter of fact, I have the perfect starting point for you…Look up The Kemetic Tree of Life. The Tree of Life, is where they bible borrowed their tree of life philosophy from. When you look at, it looks like “The God’s” that white historians say that the Ancient Egyptians worshiped. In fact, the Ancestors of Kemet created monotheism(the belief in one supreme creative energy or force or deity) as a method of practicing spirituality. You’ll see Heru(Horus) there, also Auset(Isis), Ausar(Osiris), etc. But these entities were not Gods, they were different aspects of human consciousness. When you master each of the portions of your consciousness, you become what is know as “ascended” or a God in the human form, so to speak. Basically, you master all portions of your mind and are not easily swayed by meaningless things that don’t add positivity to your life.
        You’ll see what I’m talking about, when you look at the tree of life. You can google it and mad pictures of it comes up.

        Subsequently, The Kemetic Tree of Life is also where the Hindus and Buddhists got their Chakra system from. That was implanted into their culture by the brothers and sisters of Kemet that traveled into India and the rest of Asia Minor.

        Yeah…Start with that and everything else should fall into place.

      • 3rdEye_Sharp

        Islam was developed by the Hyksos, which were White Arabs. Mind you…the original Arabs were Black African people that migrated east, into Saudi Arabia, Mesopotamia, etc. It was the Hyksos that developed Islam, based on what they learned in Kemet. That’s why if you juxtapose Islam next to the Kemetic Spiritual system, it’s damn near identical. In fact, the story of Moses, or in the Qu’ran “Musa” is based on Pharoah Ahmose I, who was the Kemetic brother that drove the Hyksos out of Kemet. That’s where the story comes from about Moses/Musa rescuing his people. And Muslims, who are just as indoctrinated as Christians are, would have you believe that Qu’ran is the word of Allah.

        Two quick things: 1.) The Qu’ran was a collaborative work of, like, 7 different authors…namely Imrul Qays, Zayd bin Amr, Hassan bin Thabit, among others. They all contributed to the text, so no…the Angel Jibril DID NOT come Muhammad in a cave and guide his hand to write the Quran! How ridiculous!!! That was pathetic cover-up, so people wouldn’t say, “If Muhammad was illiterate, how could he have written the Quran?” Anyway, 2.) The name Allah is derived from Allat, which was a so-called “pagan” female deity in Ancient Arab culture.

        So, Islam is out, as well!

      • NCcatsBALLhard

        I always had this gut bad vibe about Islamic beliefs. Now I know why!

      • 3rdEye_Sharp

        Christianity was developed by the Romans, during their tenure in Kemet. In fact, Flavius Constantine, who was the general of the Roman army, at the time, was the person responsible for Christianity, as far as it’s principles, i.e. the Trinity, The Miraculous Conception and the New Testament. Constantine summoned about 188 Bishops from all of the world, to a conference known as The Council of Nicaea, in which they VOTED on the Trinity, The New Testament, Jesus being the Son of God, dying on a cross, etc…All of this was VOTED on!

        So, Christianity is out the window!

      • 3rdEye_Sharp

        The best thing for you to do, is research Ancient African Spirituality. Some of the practices have different names, because they are practiced by different tribes, but it’s all one unified, central, continuous ideal…whether it be Yoruba, Vodun, whatever…They are all predicated on nature, the universe and the power and influence of the ancestors. Hopefully, I answered your question and gave you knowledge to go forward with. All of the aforementioned wisdom that I shared with you, I encourage you to research it for yourself, so that YOU can know it as truth and factual for YOU! Do your due-diligence. Peace God!

      • RapItUp

        Definitely have to check out the Gullah/Guiche. You know there have to be some very interesting stories coming out of that dark time period of oppression and what seemed to be hopelessness, for us to rise out of that.. we’re not in the best shape STILL, but still climbing out. We are so strong!

      • 3rdEye_Sharp

        Dr. Joy DeGruy made an excellent point in her book “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome.” She said that most of us don’t even know that we suffer from it, because unbeknownst to us, it’s been passed down generation to generation. And she’s right, because mental illness DEFINITELY can be inherited. We gotta educate one another and hold each other to a higher standard.

  2. ZUBU

    Anything is possible. Suge said he was alive, and Treach said it as well. When Pac changed his name, it may have been an indication of his intent…
    Cuba makes sense, he has an aunt there. The US govt. very well may have wanted to kill him because Pac was a beast and spitting real knowledge to the masses.
    Yet if he is alive he can never come back to America….

    • 3rdEye_Sharp

      The brother Dr. Michael Eric Dyson quoted a Pac verse, where Pac was talking about, essentially, how law enforcement are paid to kill and beat up Black people. I never heard that verse, but I need that song!

      • The Legendary Troll

        Oh IDK, Maybe the MOON IS A SPHERE. and the SUN IS A SPHERE. And the weather patterns are circular. And the fact that you can book a round trip ticket around the world? There is no photographic evidence of the earth havin an edge? Theres tons of proof bruh

      • DrakeDoesn'tWrite

        The sun isn’t spherical. Stay in school or go back. The sun, moon and earth are all square. Stop believing everything you read. Dummy..

      • The Legendary Troll

        squares? lmfaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

      • DrakeDoesn'tWrite

        LOL I wish I could keeps this going but I can’t keep it up

    • Mo Cash

      I’ve come to terms with likelihood he’s moved on but That pic isn’t justification of anything,there’s more flaws with his autopsy an death certificate than it is with today’s hiphop. Wrong weight, height, on top of the fact his social security is wrong an still active, fact is many people have found legitimate facts that support the theory, but nonsense like this furthers the reasoning we should let him be weather he here beyond ;)>

      • arichnig

        I honestly didn’t know all that. Look I wish the brother was still alive, but I don’t believe it. Even if he was, faking your death is a crime, I assume. He gone man, all them shots?


    Yeah he’s still alive, lives right down the block, bumming spare change at the liquor store… but says he’s NOT coming back because you tight jeans, dress wearin’, mush mouthed, not sayin’ anything LAMES have killed his beloved Hip Hop! With idiots like Kodak Crap sayin’ he’s better than PAC, he said ‘You Can HAVE IT! No Thanks!’…. can you blame him?!@!?

  4. STEPH

    Really? Mf’ers need to quit this s–t. Let that man rest in peace, as a Pac fan myself….There’s no way Pac would remain quiet and out the loop this long, and as for the song whoever it is tried their hardest and they should be commended for that but the word play and lyrics are too ABC remember why he was the G.O.A.T. his wordplay and s–t he said would make you just sit back and say to yourself…..Did this ni–a just say that….Listen to Blasphemy, White Mans World, Young Ni–as and look to the sky and apologize to that man that it even passed through your mind that you thought this was Pac.

  5. HipHop1977

    Tupac has like 1000 songs no one listens to. He comes back alive make more songs with artist like drake and than what? NO ONE LISTENS TO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tupac was Overrated!

  6. Detroit Vigilante

    My city is dangerous but I don’t crack under pressure/
    Some of these criminals will step to your face & try to test u/
    However I have the heart of lion I use my mind as a weapon/
    Now my foes will definitely get schooled & learn a lesson/
    Dealing with the government turned me into a crazy psychopath/
    When I leave the fight I’ll leaving the scene in a bloody aftermath/
    Bury all of my mutha*****ing enemies leave em’ in a casket trash/
    My mindset is militant the enemy too slow my cannon blasting fast/
    Detroit,Mi is what I represent from the cradle to the grave/
    Label me a real outlaw forever my actions fatal from the 12 gauge/

  7. nancy.mcmanis

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