Lil Wayne and Birdman from Cash Money Millionaire
performing at the 2008 South Florida summer fest at the Broward County Bank Atlantic Center

Featuring: Lil Wayne and Birdman from Cash Money Millionaire
Where: Florida, United States
When: 30 Jun 2008
Credit: WENN

Lil Wayne Threatens To Hang Up The Mic After Cops Called To Miami Mansion

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Lil Wayne has threatened to hang up the mic altogether after another prank phone call sent police to his mansion in Miami yesterday (September 2).

Wayne posted the shocking messages just hours after a fake call to 911 to report a shooting at his house resulted in police showing up to his house for the second time in a year.

“I AM NOW DEFENSELESS AND mentally DEFEATED & I leave gracefully and thankful I luh my fanz but I’m dun. ain’t lookin for sympathy, just serenity,” Lil Wayne tweeted today (September 3).

Thankfully it was a hoax like the first call, which was placed in March of 2015.

The incident, along with his on going legal issues with Cash Money appear to have Weezy frustrated.

Last weekend at his 2nd annual Lil Weezyana Fest, the rapper continued his assault on his former label, telling the home crowd, “I want to say three more important words… f##k Cash Money.”

13 Responses to “Lil Wayne Threatens To Hang Up The Mic After Cops Called To Miami Mansion”

  1. Frank Yoster

    And in 2 years wayne will be broke as a joke…after u leave rap..what r u gonna do for work…do movies..? Rappers who do movies barely make it…common is a good actor..but thats it

    • TruthHurts

      More likely seeing what he’s making off of his Young Money artists , ESPN , and his other investments and realizing that there’s other more lucrative hustles without headaches out there…. Dude could tour and do shows off his catalog for years. In all honesty he prob doesn’t need rap anymore

      • RAMADAwhite

        Plus he has his clothing line that seems to be doing well. Def don’t need to drop another album but I’m sure he drop stuff. He loves music

    • saansolo

      not a lil wayne fan, but your comment is baseless…”rappers who do movies barely make it”…what planet you been on buddy??? ummmm, will smith, ice cube, Ludacris, ice t, ll cool j

      • ZUBU

        Word you speak the truth. Will Smith has become such a great actor that sometimes I forget that he was a rapper… The Pursuit Of Happiness had a brother misty eyed he is such a good actor…

  2. ilexx

    I just remember when everybody thought Wayne feeding with Birdman was a marketing ploy for C5……

    21 months later and here we are, Wayne frustrated, lawsuit still pending, can’t get an official album release date and no reconciliation insight.

  3. #ChillIsTheNewAggression

    I’m fighting hemorrhoids as of 16 years in May and rapping about it and he threatens to quit?

    Google Freshaun’s 16 year battle with hemorrhoids

  4. Cat In My Hood

    Clearly, someone is trying to have him killed by the cops. You phone in a prank call to the cops saying there’s a shooting at a Black man’s house, you’re obviously trying to get that Black man killed.

    It seems to me Birdman is playing games with Weezy and clearly Weezy hasn’t got the team to play those games back. That’s what happens when your “daddy” employs some of the meanest tricks he learned from the Jews in the game, get your puppet hooked on drugs.

    This world is a crazy place, b.Makes you wonder whether those siblings of his ex murdered weren’t a strong message being sent to Wayne himself.

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