Ab-Soul Calls Out Lil Uzi Vert For Not Rapping Over DJ Premier Beat

(AllHipHop News) Back in February, Lil Uzi Vert let it be known he does not rap over 1990’s Hip Hop beats.

The XXL 2016 Freshman Class member told Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning, “I’m telling you right now, if you pull up one of those old beats I’m not rapping on it.”

Earlier in the interview, Ebro Darden wanted to get Uzi to rap over DJ Premier’s “Mass Appeal” production, but the Philadelphia representative refused, claiming he was “too young” and he is “not into that.”

California’s Ab-Soul has now expressed his thoughts about rappers not wanting to rhyme over Premier tracks. The TDE emcee took a subtle shot at Uzi and other “lil n-ggaz” on Twitter.

This is the latest example of one Hip Hop artist calling out another performer about “freestyling” on the radio. Recently, Pete Rock also took issue with Lil Boat for his awkward rap session on Hot 97.

DJ Drama, who signed Lil Uzi to his Generation Now label with Don Cannon, recently discussed the issue with AllHipHop.com in an exclusive interview.

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30 Responses to “Ab-Soul Calls Out Lil Uzi Vert For Not Rapping Over DJ Premier Beat”

  1. Markus

    Dj Drama had a chance to school his artist and instead made excuses for him. It wouldn’t matter if he would’ve gotten a beat that wasn’t coming out until next year to freestyle over. Trash is trash no matter what.

  2. STFUUIgnants

    Anyone not creative enough to not think of a “rap name” that doesn’t have “lil” in it……I’ll leave it at that

  3. coldPissa

    People still fail to realize what these kids are doing today isnt really hip hop its a new form of expression so you cant get mad if this kid aint into Dj premier

  4. pancho villa

    i dont care what beat he’s freestyling on primere is one of the best but if the beat wasn’t for him it wasn’t for him

  5. pancho villa

    there’s a pattern here u got rapper coming in not knowing biggie or tupac songs even though notrious came out a couple years ago you got future talking dirty about diddy now this these new rappers don’t want nothing to do with the old head all the want is to be put on and these old head are let them take over

  6. Alonzo Patten

    This generation of “artist” is one to be forgotten within a few years, this is another transition time for hip-hop/ rap

  7. D.M.

    If that was off the dome and not pre written that was garbage….if that was pre written and not off the dome lil buddy needs to retire. These “rappers” sneaking into the game and not calling themselves rappers like they on some Post Malone crap. Good to see someone that’s not an “hating old head” that’s calling people out.

    • JayMuggah

      In this case it’s not about being a “hating old head” These new generation rappers are just flat out on some Bull****. Just like Lil yachty and it’s goin continue to be dumb.

      • D.M.

        Yes you are right..Just like the Migos and Rae Shremmerad or whatever if you put all them in a circle I couldn’t tell you who is who LOL…this rapping 4 bars and mumbling the rest is strictly some crap

  8. Jason Mazur

    Drama has a point with that Jay Z and State property wasn’t being asked to spit over Run DMC etc type of beats. There is a level of respect that should be displayed among people in general but really you can’t keep asking older people to be into what teenagers are into and visa versa. Bruh, you aint gonna catch me hanging out at the mall and I wouldn’t expect none of these kids to be going posting up at a political gala for the next election.

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