Rich Homie and Ralo’s Crews Cross Paths In North Carolina?

It looks like Rich Homie Quan and Ralo’s beef almost came to a head in, Raleigh North Carolina.

The two Atlanta rappers have been at odds since Ralo called out Rich Homie during an interview on, for allegedly stealing some early tracks he had paid for, removing his verses and then putting his own lyrics on the tracks, as Ralo was coming up.

Rich Homie has already denied the charges in a phone conversation that leaked on but Ralo already aired him out.

Last night, it looks like they finally ran across each other, and Ralo’s camp claims Rich Homie called the cops on him and his crew.

Fellas, just chill out.

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9 Responses to “Rich Homie and Ralo’s Crews Cross Paths In North Carolina?”

  1. Papi Peligro

    So all this over some stolen tracks. You beating up Rich Homie QUANthat weigh like 120 pounds. Come on man. This is stupid publicity.

  2. ruth.steinfeldt

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  3. I'm the top, Vlad's the bottom

    rich homie better slow his role before he gets his ears stomped together like dj vlad. yall rememeber when rick ross and company put hands and feet on vlad. they cleaned his clock real properlike…played a freindly game of kickball with vlads chin…they tapdanced on his face…vlad didnt even fight back…he contacted authorities and tried to sue for 4 mill but only got 300k which is what ross makes in 2 shows

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