Drake Makes “Where Ya At?” Lyrics A Reality!

There’s always that one neighbor who just can’t be cool or get with the program in regards to their other neighbors wanting to have a good time!

There’s always that one neighbor who will call the police about a noise complaint in a heartbeat. When I threw parties in college (off-campus) I would even invite my neighbors or pay them off.

Apparently Drake’s neighbors are just as fed up with him as Breezy’s neighbors are fed up with Chris Brown. Or maybe Drake just wanted to level up with a baller purchase!

Trulia reports that Drake dropped almost $3 million on the house right next door to his current 7 bedroom, 9 bathroom, $7.7 million dollar compound in Hidden Hills, California. The ranch-style residence was built in 1955, and it’s located on a one-acre plot spanning 4,445-square-feet. It perfectly compliments Drake’s home next door.

Remember, in Drake and Future’s song “Where Ya At?” The 6 God raps,

“I’ll buy the neighbors house if they complain about the noise.”

Welp, it looks like he did just that!

There’s no clear word about if Drake has actually been getting noise complaints, but we know that the 6 God loves to throw lavish parties.

What are yall bringing to the house warming party?

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6 Responses to “Drake Makes “Where Ya At?” Lyrics A Reality!”

  1. ZUBU

    Yeah that is a Boss move there…. Though on the real he should just buy a big plot of land and not have neighbors, I think he has the paper to do so… Build a fricking huge compound in the mountains or woods…

  2. D_Ably

    ‘There’s no clear word about if Drake has actually been getting noise complaints’ of course theres not but he look like a rude boy pretending there is, jack a s s.

  3. kathy.nelson

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