50 Cent’s Baby Mama & Young Thug’s Transgender Ex Blast 50 Cent!

50 Cent is back at it with his baby mama, Shaniqua Tompkins, and it’s getting pretty ugly!

As if it wasn’t bad enough that 50 let the world know he’s counting down the days until he doesn’t have to pay child support anymore, he has taken to Instagram to continuously taunt both his son and his son’s mother.

50 told Tompkins,

“Life is full of choices,some you cant take back. If you hate me why you don’t change your son’s name to tompkins. If im the problem why were you crying saying its your fault you didnt let him see his grand parents for 4 years? Im not your enemy you are. #startJOBhuntingNOw”

50 Claims his ex Shaniqua hasn’t worked in over a decade, and he is advising her to get her job hunt on ASAP!

Regardless of whether or not 50 has a great relationship with his son’s mother or not, we would like to think he had enough decency to keep it all private and offline.

Shaniqua came to her son’s rescue and had some choice words of her own for the G-Unit boss!

“I realized just like @50Cent can’t spell he can’t add either. He got shot in 2000. I moved him to my mother’s house in PA. He was broke and was stuck in a deal on Sony/track masters his advance was 65k and Jamaster J took 50k of it + attorney fees he s less with 5k which couldn’t possibly carry him to the year 2004 when he got his deal with Shady Aftermath. So I was working and he was my dependent on my taxes like my children! @johncassey11 don’t believe everything you hear. My life I was there! He wasn’t rich for 16 years!”

Young Thug’s rumored transgender ex, Felicity, also went in on 50 saying,

“What kind of father publicly taunts and disrespects his son socially and then count down the days of paying child support 😡 @50cent is the prime example of these “new age” black men 💅🏾 that have no sense of self respect or decency. There is a special place for guys like this and karma has no expiration date for this modern day bottom taker 💅🏾 big ups to @199viq for continuing to hold your head up despite dealing with his sperm donor of a father.”

Of course 50 clapped back at Felicity calling her all kinds of names and telling her that this is a warning to his son Marquise’s mother that she needs to seek employment! Oh 50!

Oops! @50cent baby mother says she worked when he was broke and took care of him👀

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@50cent vs #Youngthug ex , who won?👀 Side note: Young Thug ex is transgender so be nice 💅

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What kind of father publicly taunts and disrespects his son socially and then count down the days of paying child support 😡 @50cent is the prime example of these "new age" black men 💅🏾 that have no sense of self respect or decency. There is a special place for guys like this and karma has no expiration date for this modern day bottom taker 💅🏾 big ups to @199viq for continuing to hold your head up despite dealing with his sperm donor of a father . I pray you get all the blessings and success this world has to offer and that one day when karma visits your "sperm donor" he will need your forgiveness to live and assistance to simply change his diaper 💩 smfh definitely not supporting nothing this bih has to offer.. @daphnejoy watch how he treats his own seed and know you too aren't exempt from his pettiness and disgusting ways beautiful #nastyasseffenvodka #takespoweroffdvr #burn50centalive #hesnotafatherheistgemother #newagequeen #hisbundlesstaytangled #50cent #girlbye #donkeyoftheday #myopinion #ohwell #salutetosinglemothers

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48 Responses to “50 Cent’s Baby Mama & Young Thug’s Transgender Ex Blast 50 Cent!”

  1. bluelight74

    “So I was working and he was my dependent on my taxes like my children!”

    If this is true AND he’s clowning like this he is a f@cking scumbag. Never liked how he always attacked black women but kept his grinning trap shut when it came to white people, but attacking your own kid on social media shows he’s a worm. If you continue to support this maggot…

    • MrRickyrightfoot .

      What you think he was doing in that time? He didn’t have a job, but he was probably working taking care of all them.

      • bluelight74

        Her post said what he was doing…nothing but living with her for years and she claimed him as a dependent on her taxes, have you never filed taxes before do you know how that works? Are you defending this douchebag?

      • Mrs. Davis804

        So, wait, let me get this right.. He already has a deal at that point, somewhat of an advance, she knew what he was doing when she met him and still let him stay; but when he’s down and needs her, same story for a lot of musicians, he’s wrong for accepting said help? Then she vindictively tries to put him on blast 80 years and 100 mil later? Not to mention after she turned his son into a lil lemon. Sounds like lemon talk to me. She knew what she was getting herself into, I just think 50 thought he had a real one.

      • bluelight74

        Hey if you want to defend a guy that attacks his own son on social media for the world to see, that’s your choice.

      • Mrs. Davis804

        Its cool. As long as you remember you’re on the outside looking in, and most men tend not to take kindly to their children, especially their sons, being turned against them. Respect for your parents goes both ways regardless, and it’s even more disrespectful if you’re bad-mouthing them, while expecting them to foot the bill. Honor thy mother AND thy father.

      • bluelight74

        No prob, I’m far from perfect but in my mind anyone who airs out their kid on social media like 50 did, instead of talking to the child in private, is a scumbag. Simply can’t justify it, and the kid has been far more mature and adult acting than his father.

      • Mrs. Davis804

        Who’s to say that after all the conditioning, he is even willing to talk with him? I’ve seen situations like this, the only things that solves it are time away from negative influences, and the change in perspective that comes from growth.

      • You smoke crack, don'tcha!?

        What did he say about Marquise? Post was about his BM…

      • bluelight74

        Hes posted many things saying negative things about the kid over the years, google it.

      • ceeyana

        It’s not about his son. The mom got his son phone and went up and forth with 50. As son as they finished the text argument she called tmz straight. After 50 explained to them and showed them the other half she sent to 50 but didn’t give to tmz, they all saw she was texting not her son. This is the woman who fight people on his son’s IG page just because the shared encouraging words telling him to call his dad.

      • disqus_lcLBazVyTd

        i never got that either … you hate your dad..but u still ask him for money.. you hate your baby father but you still EXPECT him to send you money… this whole thing is about money by the way

      • Nyga07

        I agree with both that kind of anger will make a dude flip i have one too many times went ham behind my son, but at same time idk if i could do this public. But i am not him im not in the light and i dont have ot hear it from the worl everyday, so i may have done the same. Just sad tho bcuz aint no way dude dont love his kid, but looking fromthe outside i can see how it can appear as hate!

      • Mrs. Davis804

        People act as though this man hasn’t been paying child support. I saw somewhere that it has reach over a mil he’s paid since being ordered. If he has taken care of her and her people, and there is still nothing saved for him to start his life, I’d be pissed too. Kids are not debit cards period. The real in me will not allow me to side with a lemon. 0FG when it comes to this bias behavior.

    • Briggs Islam

      I don’t want to be an a$$, but he has another kid. Hopefully his relationship with him is better. An 11 year old in 8th grade is probably who he’s putting his money on…

  2. JerZeBoy

    how is young thugs transgender whatever going to say anything related to ” prime example of these “new age” black men” you mean like the ones that wear dresses on the cover of their albums…lol smh

  3. ZUBU

    Do the research 50 was always deep in the streets… She didn’t take care of 50 GTFOH… That boy was getting bread from the gate… I don’t claim to be privy to any of their personal biz, but that boy got money… Real Talk…

    • Boston80sbaby

      agreed, you cant claim street money on your taxes so he had her do the right thing and claim him as making zero lol. He was making Bread off those mixtapes and touring off of them during that time frame shes talking about.

  4. TimeWillTellu1

    Why steady argue with a botch and cream pie her at the same time? The result is an innocent kid 9 months later. This is an epidemic among all groups of people smh.

  5. kathy.nelson

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  6. Madamsjr01

    Those who cosign this Ho* sh*t 50 be on must be H*es too. He blocked her by getting a gag order to stop her from getting her reality show. He doesn’t even acknowledge his oldest son, even though he’s old enough to pull him in and talk man to man. 50 doesn’t show love to his son and definitely no love to the yes men in GUNIT. When people was giving Young Buck Props about his Bentley, 50 just had to make a post letting everyone know he bought it. He stays son’ing them boys. 50 has bit*h tendencies and I can dig that.

  7. Vinsanity

    11 years old and in 8th grade!!……damn…..kid must be smart. Prolly the best i thing ever heard from 50. Thats truly something to be proud of.

    • andone

      thing is he encouraged his eldest as well till things got diff. his yougest is modeling already and the older one was really good at basketball. proud im sure but its not that easy.

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