Damon Dash
outside the Ed Sullivan Theater for the 'Late Show With David Letterman'

Featuring: Damon Dash
Where: New York City, United States
When: 08 Dec 2009
Credit: WENN

Is Dame Dash Tapping Into The Podcast World?

It looks like the very outspoken Dame Dash will be tapping into the podcast world. Given the hilarious nature of his very popular interview with The Breakfast Club, this will be nothing short of amazing.

Dame recently stopped by N.O.R.E.’s Drink Champs podcast where the two discussed working together through music and films. Dame also discussed his current projects and how he feels about stepping away from the music industry. He also hints at a podcast collaboration with N.O.R.E.

A drunken N.O.R.E wants Dame to say that he is signed to N.O.R.E, but Dash refused to express it by replying with,

“We have a partnership.”

Dame tells N.O.R.E that he is drinking the wrong liquor and he wouldn’t advise someone to sign to N.O.R.E or for him to keep urging Dame to say he’s now signed to him.

Will you be listening to Dame’s podcasts?


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11 Responses to “Is Dame Dash Tapping Into The Podcast World?”


    DAME the LAME is STILL living off JAY-Z glories 10 years ago, hasn’t done ANYTHING of merit since then! Might as well be on an amateurish drinkin’ show & signing anything with NORE…….. #CredibilityGone

  2. 5% Hov

    Best Drink Champs yet (and 50 cents interview)

    Big up to NORE>..

    Not sure Dame should be podcasting but ill listen to first one…

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