Chris Brown Takes A Shot At His Accuser Baylee Curran

Chris Brown hasn’t been shy about speaking out against his accuser, Baylee Curran’s claims that he pointed a gun at the former beauty queen during a confrontation at his Los Angeles home.

Breezy is certainly one of the Kings of Petty, so he took to Instagram to take a fashionable shot at Curran with his new Black Pyramid shirts.

Chris shows himself wearing a shirt that disses Curan while the ridiculous case against him is still pending.

The investigation is still going on, but Brown has continued to speak out about his innocence while Curran did her press run.

While Chris Brown was set to appear in court this week for a potential arraignment in response to Curran’s allegations, no charges have been filed against Brown about the assault case.

Brown hopped on the ‘gram posting a photo of himself rocking a t-shirt from his clothing label, Black Pyramid, with a message that seems to be aimed at Baylee Curran’s assault accusations.

“@blackpyramidofficial #stayclassy,” said Brown.

The shirt also displays the words: “THIS B**** LYIN’.”

Breezy and his humor!

@blackpyramidofficial order yours today!

A post shared by 🌕 #P&A #QUESTIONS iTunes (@chrisbrownofficial) on

@blackpyramidofficial 🔥 #stayclassy

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