5 Reasons Why Donald Trump Should Be America’s Next President

Donald Trump is the type of president America deserves. At this point, not only is he neck-in-check with one-time shoo-in Hillary Clinton, but he truly represents the ideals of the nation. Don’t believe me? Go the the Facebook page of your White friend and see how those conversations are going.

Even your Black friend can be apathetic or politically uneducated.

Look at the polls. This should not be close.

Generally, there is no outrage over unarmed Black slayings by police or they are asking about “Black On Black crime” (like that’s a thing). One infantile-minded person on Twitter even @‘d me in an effort to link Terence Crutcher’s murder to a rap beef. Critical thinkers, “we” are not.

Lets go.

1) People act as if Donald Trump invented racism, sexism, bigotry and idiocy. No. These elements are actually as American as Apple Pie and Ford. 400-plus years of systemic racism, yall! Donald Trump has simply emboldened those racist, cowardly individuals that are generally hidden behind a white hooded outfit or within a powerful institution like a court room. Obama saved the nation from utter ruin and this is the thanks people of color get? Remember, he’s a product of our community, you rats.

2) Black people are in pain, mentally, spiritually and literally. I am not going to dump a bunch of numbers on you, because I know that gnat-like attention span won’t focus that long. However, the numbers are not improving in any category all the way to mortality. That’s said, potential President Donald Trump is going to help distribute some of the pain. Clearly, things are not improving for most Black, Brown and even Red people. Why should White folk be any different?  If you really want a scary scenario, read ironside hex’s “The Future According To Donald Trump.”

3) People are so scared of Donald Trump, like some sort of Boogey Man with a bad hairdo. When people hit rock bottom, they typically do what they are supposed to do anyway. So, perhaps Donald Trump will force people to protect their neighborhoods, start businesses (out of necessity), stop pleading to White folk for validation, support each other and a bunch of other positive responses to blatant racism. Trump ain’t scary. Those regular people are scary.

4) Trump is like an American tradition. Nixon started the war on Black people (disguised as the War on Drugs). Reagan pumped drugs and guns into urban communities and got everybody killing each other in a myriad of ways. Bill Clinton helped get mass incarceration cracking while Hillary called us “super predators” when we weren’t. Lets not even talk about the Bushes. At the end of the day, Donald Trump is perfect and his ideals will keep ‘Merica “great.”
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5) These people don’t give a damn about you or your kids (Jordan Davis, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice and Aiyana StanleyJones) or your mother (Korryn Gaines) or your grandmother (Kathryn Johnston) or your wife or your husband/spouse/partner (Eric Garner, Sean Bell, Philando Castile, Alton Sterling ) or your women (Tanisha Anderson, Rekia Boyd, Miriam Carey, Michelle Cusseaux, Kayla Moore).

Black people, Brown people, indigenous people and poor people in general are catching hell. In the Dakotas, regular GDI’s (gotdamn individuals) sicc’d dogs on Native American protestors who simply wanted to enforce a court order that government had to wait to build an oil pipeline through their SACRED LAND. The water in Flint and many other urban cities is poisoned. There is more outrage at athletes complaining about injustice than outrage over actual injustice.

HOWEVER, people of color are expected to jump in like full-blooded Americans to save this nation from ruin from an completely incompetent presidential candidate of your own creation even though we continue to be treated like 3rd class citizens that have yet to see the vast benefits the “dream” supposedly has to offer. (Takes breath…) Right?

At this point, people disgust me and therefore Donald Trump is perfect for you. He will continue the epic, historical, long-legged legacy of flat-out bigotry and hatred that is truly American. Don’t piss on us and tell us its the rain. Don’t give me Booty-O’s and say its Cheerios, b. Of course that makes little sense, as do these times. I have been an activist and mentally awoke longer than I have not. I’m going for self and community. If you aren’t with that, stay out of my path.


For the record, Black people are supporting Trump at about 0%-1% (Source: Maddow/CNN) so you know where we as a people stand. Don King be damned.

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60 Responses to “5 Reasons Why Donald Trump Should Be America’s Next President”

  1. timwest1000

    Chuck you are more screwed up than ever man. Your whole site is whack! Nothing about you is respectable anymore man, you a lame. Ill NEVER come back to your site again man. F you yo. You are missing facts man. Unemployment for blacks was cut in half under Obama. Graduation rates rose extremely. No, a magic cloud didn’t light up our lives but he spared us from a worse situation. He inherited a horrible situation. I don’t know if you really read but you can have your lame opinions but you can’t have your own facts clown. Now I see why everyone calls you a clown. You get a crazy idea and just begin spouting rhetoric that resembles an elitist attitude. Newsflash, You aren’t that bright homey. STFU

  2. Honky Neanderthal Food

    I never looked at it that way. I knew whites were awful, I knew whites complain about protesting more than the things that are being protested… but when you look at the big picture… trump really does represent this country and whites.

    Black people should never stand for the anthem and stop joining the army. Let whites fight their own wars.

    • RazaBladeKing

      Please stop talking about all this. You’re ruining this website. Comment on music or GTFOH.
      Sike, just playin. Crazy, I actually agree with you for once… but its actually even deeper than that. It’s the people vs the system, and the system knows the best way to continue fleecing all of us and controlling all of us is to divide and conquer… which leads to both the fights you mentioned. Think about it… people in general get along just fine; you don’t see old people and young people getting into fist fights all day long either, just like you don’t see white and black people doin it. But any line of separation that can be drawn WILL be exploited to split “the people” into at least two sides, who will be directed to fight each other instead of payin attention to the “man behind the curtain” playin the puppet strings (and hording wealth) for all of it. Watch; if Hillary gets elected (she probably will), we are gonna see some men vs. women s*** unlike anything we’ve ever seen… and I’m voting against Trump (I refuse to say I’m voting “for” Clinton)

    • Q.

      FOH Laura Sammiches, you’re the last person who should advise anyone to think critically. You’re the biggest clown on these boards! Young vs old?? The vast majority of the “activists” in the streets are 30 and under. This is the WHITE SUPREMACIST CORPORATOCRACY VS PLANET EARTH. Trolling cowards like you are either too scared or not intelligent enough to analyze the world as it is. Let a blonde white kid get murdered by a Black cop and watch the whole country shut down.


  3. Q.

    Drumpf is a bigger threat to middle-class white America than he is a threat to melaninated people. The caucasians who support him just don’t realize that…YET. Meanwhile, many Original people are still too comfortable, out here c00ning for the beast and misrepresenting our people in pursuit of a dollar. Negro c00ns are as big an enemy of Original people as some of these white supremacists. Greed and the false sense of inclusion has fostered an environment of where c00ning has become acceptable, and ignorant behavior is rewarded. Chuck is right when wrote:

    “When people hit rock bottom, they typically do what they are supposed to
    do anyway. So, perhaps Donald Trump will force people to protect their
    neighborhoods, start businesses (out of necessity), stop pleading to
    White folk for validation, support each other and a bunch of other
    positive responses to blatant racism. Trump ain’t scary. Those regular
    people are scary.”

    P.S. Don King should’ve been shot, not Terrence Crutcher!

  4. Eli Pinilla

    The minute you start generalizing, you become just as much as apart of the problem. That’s what they been doing to us. If we start doing these things, the cycle will never break. It’s not all minorities and it’s not all white people either. Even if there is majority that fit into stereotypes on both sides.

  5. TruthHurts

    I will continue to say that when Trump was Mr NYC having Hampton parties every hiphop want to be and “in crowd” wanted to be there…. now all of a sudden this media presents a biased fraudulent image of this guy being racist and everybody bites. Keep following sheep…keep following!

    • Anydaynow2

      What does he have to say to make you realize that he’s a racist?
      Him and his father practiced discrimination in housing. He called for the death penalty for the central park 5 right after it was reported in the news. You hear what he says on a regular basis since he became a candidate. What exactly will convince you that this man hates black people particularly, and most POC generally. He is a typical 1920’s white man. What’s wrong with you?

      • Larry Sandwiches

        It’s unbelievable that ANYBODY would vote for him. We’re gonna get a real good gauge on common sense before 2016s up.

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