Is Stevie J Already Cheating On Faith Evans With An Atlanta Stripper?

Hmmmmmm. Well last week our eyebrows were certainly raised when rumors spread that Stevie J and Faith Evans were allegedly dating.

Now ’90s lovers know that Stevie J is incredibly talented despite his antics on Love & Hip Hop, but they seemed oddly paired. Biggie is probably rolling over in his grave. Faith Evans seems too mature of a woman to deal with someone who just got out of a relationship with Joseline Hernandez.

We still don’t know if we believe the two are an item yet, but if they are, rumor has it that Steebie is back to his sleezy ways.

According to a few ATLiens, Stevie J has been cheating on Faith with an Atlanta Stripper (Babe Cakes) who will also make an appearance on Love & Hip Hop. Of course Stevie is saying he’s the young lady’s manager.

Apparently Stevie is also locked up for violating his probation with drug use. Word on the street is he may spend at least 30 days behind bars. Get it together Stevie!

📨Tip on Stevie J Hey Fameolous, Faith Evans confirmed about a few weeks ago that her and Stevie J are indeed dating which is of no surprise since the two were spotted kissing at the airport, and constantly posting pictures of each other on Instagram. Well it looks like Stevie is already cheating on Faith with an Atlanta stripper that goes by the name Babe Cakez. The stripper lives in Atlanta Georgia and works at Follies. Stevie J is filming a new show for VH1 and the stripper is gonna be on his show. She's a wannabe rapper and Stevie manages her. She filmed for his show about a week ago so expect to see Babe Cakez as one of his "artists"…. But it's crazy how he's already cheating on Faith. smh Oh and about 2 days ago Stevie J went to jail but I don't know what he's locked up for. 👀👀

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