Maino Questions The Game’s Manager’s Gangsta!

The Game’s manager, Wack100, and rap veteran Maino certainly haven’t been seeing eye-to-eye on the Meek Mill and Game beef, and like everyone else, their feelings have spilled over to social media.

Wack singled out Maino on Instagram by accusing him of supporting both sides in this rap rival.

Maino wasn’t with the sh*ts so he took to Instagram to tell Wack that he felt like people in Brooklyn had no business being in a video about a beef that had nothing to do with them or Brooklyn.

Maino says that he and Wack had already had a conversation as men, so he couldn’t understand why if Wack heard something after the fact, why would he take to social media instead of calling him up?

Maino also told Wack that typing on the ‘gram isn’t gangsta at all, and he can certainly get that fade he’s apparently looking for.

Mannnnnn it’s so many people involved in this beef now. If it came down to it, who do you think would win in the fight between Wack and Maino?


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41 Responses to “Maino Questions The Game’s Manager’s Gangsta!”

  1. TMilly19

    Maino probably the truest dude in this whole situation….hope your hand isn’t forced where you gonna do something to mess up your current lifestyle and $$…gotta play chess wit these fools

  2. Concerned Citizen

    Damn, am from Brooklyn, dont really feel Maino music but I respect what he is saying. But, NO MORE BLACK ON BLACK VIOLENCE!!!

  3. Hoeyuno....2

    I know hip hop heads don’t feel maino’s music but I’ve always liked homie!! If gangsta rap didn’t die out he woulda been huge after 50. Not too many gangster rapper’s come off as genuine..

  4. W.$.G.T.$

    I Like Maino but it’s his hood that was all up in the video. If he really ran BK like he say he do he would’nt have let that slide in the first place.

    • Nyga07

      lol no rapper run any streets period, Maino got alot of respect in the Stuy, I lived on Gates in the 600 buildings. UNcle Murda is supa azz, but like Maino prolly wont see issue in the Stuy, he can’t go to Crown Heights with that they dont even rock with Bed Stuy dudes. But he cant control that most likely alot of cash was spent and Murder helped, I think he reason Taxstone and Troy end up same place like that. Maino has put in real work and plenty action, but he not superman. That was crack of day too btw. Game playing himself tho he pulling a lot of ppl into a bad situation, same way he did with the Jimmy Henchmen situation. One thing he stay with A MANAGER about that action lol, wonder if Jimmy put wack onto him just seem like same situation. SMH game why you doing this for sales bruh he get paid, he tryna get somebody a check but who? Wack extorting?

      • Knickfan4life

        Just because you live in Brooklyn don’t act like you know these people personal business unless they are your people.

      • Nyga07

        lol bruh I know him and anybody on GATES, they was all older dudes I would excuse myself from the xtra gangtsa activity bcuz I have a brain, and I was younger into chics and clothes more. HE couldn’t even stop one side of Gates from almost killing the other and those are all facts. No one human being can control the streets let alone Brooklyn.

      • Knickfan4life

        Love the block feature on Disque when you get a notification dudes talk to themselves after they say something stupid.😂😂😂😂

  5. Casor_Greener

    None of these rap dudes run nothing! They leave the hood as soon as they get money. Snoop getting checked in Long Beach and charged triple for getting his braids wrapped.

    500 rap beefs and only 2 rap ninjas got shot – but a hole bunch of lackeys got wounded. AHAHAHAHAHAAH get these bums outta here begging for social media followers.

    I know I’m getting older but I can’t understand why in the world these “gangsters” feel the need to jump on the net and talk so much braggadacio about what they going to do and who they going to do it to. Then they man get shot or they shoot themselves….

    • JerZeBoy

      yup and them 2 were just on breakfast club a couple months ago acting like best friends. murda needs the spotlight so i can see y he was in video. Maino right though

    • chippc

      And they was the main ones talking about “somebody need to beef cuz its too pretty out here” and “everybody too friendly with each other!” As soon as that Troy Ave stuff popped off, Maino was on his Queen Latifah U.N.I.T.Y. ish.

    • Myleage

      he means the ppl in the video. idk if murda was in the vid but if he was then yes. and maino said he talked to him directly. he said that specific act was that of a ho, not that he has a ho personality overrall

  6. Breeze

    This has gone beyond what it should have. Beans shouldn’t be involved, drag on shouldnt be involved, main shouldn’t be involved other than the fact he kept it real and I respect that. Wack 100 should stfu. It’s just messy. And most importantly. None of these other rap dudes should be commenting in interviews or on social media.

    Only comments they should have is calling up which ever one they cool with and telling him to just keep it on wax.



  8. Markus

    AHH,take this well deserved L. This is supposed to be a hip hop website and what have you been reduced to? Who do you think would win in a fight between Maino and Wack? That seems like something for another website I know but for your site that likes to censor intelligent comments,that one got through and was approved? ClassicOne,congratulations. You played yourself.

  9. Smashit

    Maino speaking FACTS why Game come to BK to shoot that video if he really that powerful he would have shot that vid in Philly but bottom line is Game don’t know when to stop he like a stalker but I think Game paying the tab where ever he go but that’s just my opinion

  10. Ipullcards

    Leave Marino alone please. There’s 3 million ppl in bk. Half of them mess with him, the other half are white and scared of homie. Don’t do that..

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