Too Soon?! Kim Kardashian Robbery Victim Costume Emerges


People will do anything for a dollar!

A costume company is receiving much backlash and criticism for making a Halloween costume that mocks Kim Kardashian’s recent robbery in Paris, France!

Apparently customers were able to purchase the Kim-inspired ‘Parisian Heist Robbery Victim Kit’ this month on The costume has since been removed due to backlash.

It looks like no one believes this happened to Kim or some find humor in it.

Get this, the costume came with a $4 million ring, gag, black wig, sunglasses, and rope as accessories…..all for $69.99.

While many are saying it was too soon for the tasteless costume, we aren’t sure if there ever would’ve been a good time. Kim K is suing for allegeding that she lied about the robbery, so we will see if she comes after this costume company.

What are your thoughts?

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7 Responses to “Too Soon?! Kim Kardashian Robbery Victim Costume Emerges”


      I was dressing up as @disqus_yFcf3dYqRH:disqus’s mom for Halloween, but the costume store didn’t have enough sausages to put in my mouthpiece.

      • STEPH

        There you go gay plutonian always talking about sticking sausages in your mouth you homo…..LMAO!

  1. RomeRebel

    That’s tasteless, I know the Kardashian clam and their gimmicks aren’t favored but that’s still a mom, a wife, a woman……(I know the rest of the titles that come to mind so no need to add)….point is celebrity or everydayer getting robbed at gunpoint ain’t for mockery

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