Common Explains The Concept Of New Album “Black America Again” Dropping Nov. 4

(AllHipHop News) Common’s upcoming album Black America Again is set for a November 4 release according to recent reports.

The album will feature the Chicago rapper’s Stevie Wonder assisted title track which boldly addresses the various  social injustices that Blacks have faced in the nation historically.

“‘Black America Again is centered in the injustices that black people have experienced and endured since we arrived on the shores of America. Black America Again is a call to action. It is a song about black love, black strength, black justice, black resistance, black resilience, black empowerment, and black people.”

Also featured, will be anthem “Letter To The Free.”

The cut serves as the end title track to Ava Duvernay’s new documentary “13th,” which is about the trials and tribulations Blacks have faced in the criminal justice system since being formally freed from bondage.

In addition to its feature in the outspoken film,“Letter To The Free” has already received a nomination for a 2016 Critics’ Choice Documentary Award for Best Song in a Documentary.

The socially conscious artist’s new project will follow his 2014 release Nobody’s Smiling, which debuted at the top of Rap and R&B Charts.

Click here to pre-order Black America Again.

6 Responses to “Common Explains The Concept Of New Album “Black America Again” Dropping Nov. 4”

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  1. Larry Sandwiches

    His last album was amazing. Didnt seem like too many people were listening to it tho. I cant wait for this new one. I always have high expectations with Common.

  2. Q.

    Common is that dude…Top 5 DOA when it’s all said and done.

    Watching 13th right now…required viewing to dissecting this Beast called America. Killary and Drump alike EXPOSED.

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