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Surviving Dr. Dre: Michel’le To Pen A Tell-All & Collab With Oprah?

Michel’le’s Lifetime biopic, ‘Surviving Compton’ seems to be opening a lot of doors for the singer.

The television movie has caused quite an uproar since the weekend as it depicts Hip Hop mogul Dr. Dre beating the brakes off of Michel’le the entire film.

Rumor has it that Michel’le may be gearing up to pen a tell-all book about her life with some pretty juicy details surrounding Ruthless Records and Death Row.

Oprah has also summoned Michel’le, so this could possibly mean one of two things. Either Iyanla Vanzant is about to fix Michel’le’s still very much troubled life, or Mother O will have Michel’le join her on the couch for an in-depth interview.

Michel’le revealed that Dr. Dre gave her 5 black eyes and even shot at her. Judging her interviews, Michel’le still has some growing to do; she should see a psychiatrist.

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  1. Malik

    Oprah is about to drag another black man to the delight of her mainly white audience – go figure. Well, Dre made his bed, he should sleep in it – for a while at least, lol.

  2. Cole Creed

    This chick just trying to make as much money as possible before her 15 mins of fame is up. 2 things are going to happen, people are going to forget about her and people are still going to buy beats

  3. Markus

    This will make business uncomfortable for Dre going forward,but my only question is why did it take so conveniently long to come forward with this story after decades of music making,his headphones and his movie? No respect for victims who are so wounded they get with an even bigger dirtbag.

  4. Q.

    Women who’ve suffered rape or abuse absolutely deserve support, however there’s something disengenuous about various chicks hollering abuse for attention, and then hustling it into a dollar, whether it’s book deals, reality shows, biopics, paid interviews, speaking tours, etc. At a certain point it becomes self-exploitation. Now Big Mammy Oprah is getting in the mix, coming to pimp her dollar’s worth out of the situation…

    Dre’s history is no secret to people who’ve paid attention to his career. Why 25 years later (after he’s damn near a billionaire) is the Defamation League coming for Dre? Starting to feel like Cosby Pt. 2.

    • Briggs Islam

      No comparison. Bill Cosby was seen as a wholesome tv dad, while Dre has never really had a clean image, he’s just stayed out of the public eye for the most part. The woman is trying to make her some money. Is it foul, maybe, but if Dre beat her I mean chickens come home to roost sometimes…

      • Q.

        Two of the wealthiest Black men in American history are being defamed and lynched in the media…that’s the comparison.

        This has nothing to do with morality or chickens coming home to roost. The wealthiest , most successful white men on Earth have gotten away with far worse and make it through life unscathed. The question is “WHY?”

      • Briggs Islam

        Dre had the Dee Barnes incident on him for years, but he became more successful and it went away. And some of those white people also have power along with money. Money doesn’t automatically equal power…

      • Q.

        “Money doesn’t automatically equal power.”

        Exactly. So let’s not act like chickens are coming home to roost for Dre, when most of these rich white criminals’ chickens are still out in the field. If there’s an agenda to target an individual, it’s gonna go down.

      • Briggs Islam

        Alright, but political power or movement does Dr. Dre fund or influence? Theres an agenda against a black billionaire that doesn’t even seem to really do much for society other than build wealth for himself and his family? ( I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, but to have an agenda against someone who doesn’t seem active seems kind of futile. Seems that Miche’le is just trying to make some money and it happens to be tarnishing Dre a little, not a lot because it’s a lifetime movie)

      • Q.

        Dre’s worth almost a Bill and is in position to make moves. He donated all of his royalties from the Compton album to build a Compton arts center. He can do a lot more with his capital. Of course, Michel’le is trying to come up off the victim hustle. But this is just the beginning of the slander…who knows what the fallout will be. They might pop up with 10 more chicks who claim they got slapped upside the head by Dre, then drain him court via a lawsuit like they’re trying to do Cosby. …Then you gotta ask why the h3ll is Oprah getting into Michel’le’s mix? She doesn’t even like rap!

      • Briggs Islam

        It’s still different between him and Bill. Dre is a reclusive, so he’s not in the public as much as Bill is/was. Plus, the two other women Dre abused in the past, they already had cases and he already paid them. Even in Bill’s situation, he’s only going to court 2 of 40 some odd women that came out against him. Bill is more of a mainstream entity than Dr. Dre. That’s why I don’t think it’ll make too much of a difference. If Dre stays silence, like he did before, it’ll probably die down quickly. Their situations are just too different. Only thing they have in common is they’re both black males who happen to be billionaires…

      • Q.

        “Only thing they have in common is they’re both black males who happen to be billionaires”

        Which was my point to begin with. Being billionaires is all they need to have in common. They’re both in positions to make power moves with their capital. Now whether they made some deals with the devil to get that bread along the way is a different convo. But it’s clear both of these men have been targeted with scandal, especially considering the untimeliness of their accusers coming forth.
        And yeah, Cosby has been around much longer. But Dre is just as relevant to pop culture, if not moreso now, particularly to this generation. And this drama with Dre didn’t start with Michel’le. Back in July, Dre got arrested in front of his own mansion, after some suspicious dude followed him home and blocked his driveway, then called the cops on him after Dre confronted the guy on HIS OWN PROPERTY. The guy lied and said Dre pulled a gun on him. Cops showed up like they didn’t know who he was. Yeah right. That was a setup which could have easily gone bad for Dre, probably a test run… Now when was the last time you heard billionaires Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates get arrested in front of their own homes? A: NEVER.

    • PeoplePlease7

      Glad you acknowledged Cosby was guilty. If dre can profit off of sugarcoated half truths 20 yrs later , she should be allowed her say.

      • Q.

        I didn’t say either was guilty. Don’t really care. Though it’s funny how so many victims decide to have their say a BILLION dolllars after the fact.

      • PeoplePlease7

        Do your research, they (Dee Barnes also) discussed this back in the 90’s and 00’s. What typically happens is those of “us” who are uninformed about current and past events find out about these issues once they hit mainstream media news. Then the same johnny come lately’s complaining are too lazy to do a simple search (as was the case with pill cosby) and discover these issues have been ongoing.

      • Q.

        I posted the same thing about Dee Barnes yesterday. The only Johnny come latelys are the newbies and fake feminists on Twitter with the delayed outrage. Is Dre a menace to women, or is this a facade to lynch another empowered Black man in the media? The fact that Donald Drumpf basically admitted to being a sexual predator on tape, yet is still supported by millions suggests the latter. There’s no record of Cosby committing any crime, and Dre admitted to the Dee Barnes incident decades ago. So what’s with the fake, delayed outrage?

  5. JamalFromGhostwriter

    The headline of this article is so leading and negative that it’s almost disgusting.

    But I’m starting to recognize that as of late, stuff like this is common on this site.

    Initially I was upset with the site til I realized you’re just catering to the times. Nevertheless it’s shameful.

    But yeah, get that ad revenue lol.

  6. BXRich

    Why is there a conspiracy? Maybe Michel’le is the telling the truth and Oprah wants to help as a woman who herself was abused.

    Right now Dre has all the power and would be able to have this book squashed unless it was backed by a serious player and it don’t get anymore serious than Oprah.

    Oprah is also smart enough not to get herself wrapped up in BS so it brings instant credibility to Michel’le

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