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Meek Mill And 21 Savage Ride Bike Together And The ‘Net Goes In

I know this is considered an ignorant statement in enlightened circles but Hip-Hop still says “pause” so let it be what it is. THE INTERWEBS ARE HAVING A BALL with the Instagram post of Meek and 21 Savage riding the streets together – on the same motor bike.

I don’t know. This is all the rage in Meek’s world. I don’t see the big deal at this point, but seems to be something people have jokes about. See it below.

#PressPlay #21Savage x #MeekMill riding around in Atlanta!

A video posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

What say you?
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24 Responses to “Meek Mill And 21 Savage Ride Bike Together And The ‘Net Goes In”

  1. I'm the top, Vlad's the bottom

    meeka stays taking Ls. the worst L ever was how rick ross and them 305 boys put hands and feet on that russian dj…them 305 boys stomped his ears together

  2. STEPH

    I can see if its a broad, but a dude just seems weird to me because you naturally have to hold onto someone’s waist and be a little too close than a guy should be with another man….A ni–a will have to get his own s—, or else he won’t be getting his riding experience LOL!


      Bruh people acting real homophobic right now. Men get close while playing Football and Basketball everyday. Its only if you like it when its peculiar. Of course its hilarious to see 2 gangster rappers riding on the same bike, but I think people are going too far with actual homosexuality accusations. You telling me you never post a dude up on the court or wrestled with a man??

      • STEPH

        Of course I played Basketball and Football, I’m just not feeling sitting on a 4 wheeler , motorcycle, mountain bike etc with a mans arms wrapped around my waist….To each their own I’m using “I” statements….Just not for me bruh.

    • Justice

      I will have to agree with you although I do not believe Meek is Gay…LOL I just think he smiling like a weirdo bc he is filming himself sometimes you be trying too hard for the camera LOL

  3. bubbylana

    i say, check yo nuts! ppl that consistently question a mans sexuality because of superficial things, ESPECIALLY on the internet and not face to face like a man, need to question their own. if you watch that video, and the first thing on your mind is homosexuality, god have mercy on your soul.

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