Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre’s New Baby Momma Issue Is Crazy!

“He Gon’ Get Dealt With”

The chickens are coming home to roost. This woman, Lisa Johnson, says she is the mother of three of Dr. Dre’s daughter. First thing that pops up is that she had a baby with Dre with she was 15 years old. This suggests strongly that she was 14 when they were having sex. So they put that out there to “slander” Dre at the moment where he is getting slammed left and right for his nefarious past. I think in Dre’s own book, he says she was 16. This interview is interesting, but it certainly has an undertone of vengeance. It looks like they have big issues with Dre that go back to the 80’s. She said, they (Dre and his mom) are not keeping it real. She says she is about to write a book and “tell a story” about Dre. “I got a lotta s**t to say.” UH to the OH.

Check the video below and tell me this won’t be a problem for the Aftermath General.

Dre been married to the same woman since 1996! You think folks are just beefing with Dre to come up or does he deserve this in 2016? They going at him heavily!

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35 Responses to “Dr. Dre’s New Baby Momma Issue Is Crazy!”

  1. Ipullcards

    Lies.. met him in 82 @ 14 & had a baby with him in 83 when u were 15? Your oldest is 27? Which means your eldest was born in ain’t have no under age baby.. but I don’t put it past Dre hitting that while she was under aged. But your baby was born in ’89, which means you were 21. Stop it


    …it’s called “The Ca$h Grab”!!!! Let’s create some negative news & get a nice BIG settlement to go away!!!

  3. Wetwork510

    This vid old as 💩, if the first kid was born in 83 that makes her 33 not 27. Where did allhiphop dig this 💩 Up at🤔

  4. Executive Regera

    Run to social media to spew lies to sway people to be on your side because some believe and stick by everything someone says via social media, she ain’t slick.

  5. STEPH

    This broad is f—ed up, I’m trying to see any resemblance of attractiveness maybe when she was younger….I don’t see nuffin, Dre you have to take 3 “L’s” my ni66a for each kid you put in this he b—-!

  6. O's

    This clip has been on YouTube since 2009! She had three children for dre between 1983 – 85 while she was 15 and dre 18…..One of her daughters also has a documentary on YouTube about dre released in 2006. Guess it’s open season on dr dre now lol!

  7. BishopCrooks

    lol they coming out the gate now, kick a brother when he down and get the pennies that fall out….

    Everybody got a past…..

  8. Slaughtr

    None of you all know Dre or about his past and regardless what she looks like or said the truth is finally being released. Dre has been a rap star for a minute and this info has been out it’s just young folks don’t know. Nobody is squeaky clean and definitely Dre and his karma has come to get him.

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