Amber Rose

Amber Rose Is In To Transgender Men?

Although Amber Rose tries to play innocent, she never ceases to amaze us.

According to PageSix, Rose revealed that she once dated a transman. The reveal went down on Amber’s podcast, ‘Loveline With Amber Rose’ with Margaret Cho.

Cho told Rose: “The women that I like are real masculine … So I like a really butch girl.” Rose then revealed a secret by saying: “I used to date a transman, actually. So I find that hot as well.”

Cho then stated, “I like transmen. I’ve dated transmen and transwomen too. So right now, there is a lot of different people on my [Pinterest] board and you can’t really make any sort of sense of type. And then I like a dirty, old man.”

I mean it’s Amber Rose…. are we even surprised. What’s surprising is the fact that she doesn’t like threesomes.

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