Meek Mill Says Drake Stood Him Up For A Major Show In Philly Before Diss Records Flew

(AllHipHop News) Meek Mill addressed his feud with Drake and offered up some insight into the origin of their beef and what drove the Philly rhymer to accuse the Toronto M.C. of using ghostwriters for his rap verses.

In the latest episode of Taxston’s “Tax Season” podcast, Meek, claimed Drake snubbed him when he was released from prison in December of 2014, after serving six months for violating his parole from gun and drug charges in 2008.

According to Meek, he hadn’t heard from Drake for over a year after his release and said that basically, Drake had changed.

“He was on my s##t and I pressed for that verse,” according to Meek referring to his song “R.I.C.O.,” from Meek’s Dreams Worth More Than Money, which would ironically be the track that Meek would accuse Drake of using a ghostwriter to complete.

“He [Drake] was supposed to come to my show [in Philly], they said they aint know about it,” Meek Mill said. “It’ an arena, with 30,000 people in here, this something you aint know about? I had the s##t set up for four months. The day of nobody ain’t come through ain’t call me, so I’m back stage looking like a fraud to everybody I told, cause they on the bill, but I didn’t announce their name…the buzz in the street, they know they was supposed to come, but the way ni##as was handling it to me was just different. If you handle me different with no regard, I don’t really show no regard. It ain’t really no price for me to pay. Unless it’s serious violence, then there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Meek said most of his problems started as soon as he dated Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj, who is label mates with Drake, his biggest rival at the moment.

According to Meek, he was impressed with Drake’s diss record “Back To Back,” but he didn’t think the single was that big of deal.

“I was on tour at this time. When I record, I don’t really record like that. And I always move at my time,” Meek told Taxstone.

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  1. Markus

    As I’ve said before,Tax is no Bryant Gumble. His interviews could be that much better if he had help preparing lead and follow-up questions. Having said that this was interesting. Never heard Meek speak about himself so this was a little intriguing. What I took from this was the following : Surprise, surprise Meek is not an MC. He refers to battles as contradictions to the BLM movement which I admit I found hilarious. I’m pretty sure a chunk of those 10 million internet followers came to him as a result of how he would respond to the insults he was getting from all directions. Beans shouldn’t speak on this issue anymore because between this interview and the one Beans did with Charlemagne, he looks very bad. On a plus side of things,I respect his philosophy on family and the image he wants to project to the young people who may look up to him. How that gets put out there to the youth in a positive way considering how he gets down is another story. Bottom line it was cool but definitely could’ve been better.

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