Peter Rosenberg: Drake Told Me Someone Else Wrote One Of His Early Verses (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Those ghostwriting rumors around Drake just won’t seem to end.

Peter Rosenberg is the latest Hip Hop insider to present circumstantial evidence that the OVO frontman pays other rappers to write his bars.

During a Real Late interview with comedian Pete Davidson, Rosenberg shared a story about Drake supposedly revealing to him that someone else wrote one of his verses around the time Thank Me Later was released.

Davidson and the Hot 97 host were discussing the idea of Drake never creating a bad verse.

“There’s one. I told him this too. And he didn’t write it,” stated Rosenberg. “It was from the first album run. It had that flow. Three rappers were on it.”

Even though he could not recall the name of the song, Rosenberg reiterated that he was told by Drake that someone else wrote his lyrics for that record.

“He actually told me he didn’t write that verse,” added Rosenberg. “By the way, first time I’m saying that publicly. I’m not trying to roast him. I didn’t think anything of it.”

Back in August, fellow Hot 97 radio personality Ebro Darden and the NYC station were hit with some shots from Drake after Darden also publicly shared a supposed private conversation between the two.

Ebro sparked speculations Drake was prepared to take aim at Eminem on a diss track.

“I told Drake that I heard the rumor was that Eminem was going to gear up to come after him,” said the former Hot 97 program director live on the air. “[Drake] laughed and was like, ‘That’s not going to happen. He’d never do that. And if he did, I got something for him to.’”

Ebro later claimed it was just a joke and the media took him out of context.

Shortly after that, Eminem appeared with Drake at his Detroit stop of the “Summer Sixteen Tour.”

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24 Responses to “Peter Rosenberg: Drake Told Me Someone Else Wrote One Of His Early Verses (VIDEO)”

      • The Legendary Troll

        Im not. I aint saying his career will end next year or anything. Im saying it will speed up his already gradual decline. Look at Lil Wayne right now. Look what rumors did to Chingy

      • Sinbk Legend #BlockGang

        Chingy didn’t need rumors to kill that already doomed career

    • Soulrebel1

      Not true 90% of his audience is females and females don’t care about authenticity like men, they care about who’s delivering it and does it sound good, they will stay stuck to the cornball

  1. A.P. Millz-CT

    Drake should start transitioning himself back into acting,, He’s’ a really good actor with a nice appeal. No one will be checking for him soon. He’s not an MC there is nothing authentic about him.

  2. Hoeyuno....2

    I like that Drake broke through that border but he’s a bad look at the end of the day for the North!!! Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver…Where ya at!!!!!!???

      • Hoeyuno....2

        Not much difference between Canadian and American cities..I’ve notices the peoples are no different… America has more ghetto’s and Canada’s ghetto’s are more multi cultural at the end of the day..

      • andone

        just clownin yo i was referring to women but yeah yall got somme real winners with drake tory weeknd and beiber comin from that side

      • andone

        yeah bro just jokes but to be clear i was giving props to those artists and the country forgot to mention party next door and belly lots of ppl blowing up!

        wondering why you say drake is a bad look tho hes killing the game heavy?

      • Hoeyuno....2

        He is killing it but at the end of the day he won’t go down as a hip hop great which he could have.. I dont need him to be a street dude but he had everyone’s respect when he first came about and threw that back in everyones face with songs like that “wu tang forever” ish… But i’ve seen mad talented emcees careers end at the border so mu opinion might be a bit butt hurt tainted haha

        Also youve always been cool. I wouldn’t take your comments side ways…

      • andone

        i hear you but i think ppl hold him to a standard where he has to be completely authentic when truth is he has always had help with making great music and there’s nothing wrong with that. hope you can embrace dude a lil more and not expect much besides the music. hes an entertainer in my eyes thats how i prefer to look at him in order to get past the ghostwriting and whatnot.

        but all good the feeling is mutual G, stay up!

      • Hoeyuno....2

        Im from and live in Vancouver area.. I live in Coquitlam but grew up in the city

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