Eric B. & Rakim Deny Supporting Donald Trump & Endorse Hillary Clinton For President

(AllHipHop News) The Hip Hop Twitterverse went crazy this weekend when a tweet from the verified account of Eric B. & Rakim appeared to endorse Donald Trump for president.

The legendary Hip Hop duo is insisting that is not the case.

A subsequent tweet suggested the Eric B. & Rakim Twitter page was hacked, but they were able to get control of the account again.

“We’ve taken back command of our Twitter. Thanks for your help [Twitter Support],” read one tweet.

Then a series of additional tweets went on to clarify that Trump is not the preferred candidate of the Paid In Full album creators.

In fact, the group announced they want Hillary Clinton to be the 45th President of the United States.

“We are with her. [Hillary Clinton], the next [POTUS]. Hope that’s clear enough. Deal with it,” Eric and Rakim stated.

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6 Responses to “Eric B. & Rakim Deny Supporting Donald Trump & Endorse Hillary Clinton For President”

  1. BXRich

    for all those voting for Hillary – remember all of the things Obama said about here when they she was running against him for the nominations…it all still stands today.

    • PeoplePlease7

      That’s too much brain power for Black democratic voters when a seat at the big house has been enough all these years….

  2. Welcome Back Forrest !

    Peace God. Word is bond. The knowledge of the sun moon and stars forms a perpendicular union with the divine cypher energy of the black woman. The 5%’s goal is to understand the devils tricknology which is being used to keep black people from learning math. Bong

      • Welcome Back Forrest !

        Not nearly enough. It’s appalling how many teenage black males can’t tell you the exact circumference of the moon these days. Lord Jamar would be spinning in his grave.

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