You Might End Up Missing Or Hurt If You Interview 50 Cent’s Baby Mama

(AllHipHopRumors) 50 Cent surely hates his [first] baby mama man!

It probably isn’t a good idea to interview 50’s baby mama, Shaniqua Tompkins, right now, especially not about anything 50 related.

50 Cent may send his goons after you, or you may be “mysteriously” harmed for doing so.

Interestingly enough, in 50 Cent’s famous #PostAndDelete files, 50 posted an Instagram post that said he had never met a guy named Courtney “Mafi” Johnson, and he had nothing to do with the guy getting attacked.

50 said he had nothing to do with Johnson “getting a buck 50 in his face.”

He then warned Johnson and his media employer about getting into what he would describe as “gangsta sh-t” for setting up an interview with Tompkins.

50 claimed that the guy had been seriously injured after doing so.

“Now the poor guy has to staple his face together. get well soon. Should have seen that sh-t coming,” 50 said.

Mafi claims he hasn’t been harmed, but he has now decided to take the necessary precautions to try to ensure that he won’t be. Mafi even went as far as to file an incident report in Wisconsin, and is meeting with lawyers as we speak.

I’m sure Mafi probably didn’t even think it was that serious. Tompkins has done several interviews. However, yall know 50 Cent is crazy LOL!


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10 Responses to “You Might End Up Missing Or Hurt If You Interview 50 Cent’s Baby Mama”

  1. I'm the top, Vlad's the bottom

    vlad better cool out…these rappers aint playing out here…i know he remembers what happened on august 10, 2008…them dade county boys stomped his ears together…they put hands and feet on him…beat him like a old virginia slave…they played a friendly game of kickball with vlads chin…tapdanced on his forehead….vlad didnt even fight back…tried to sue ross for 4 mill and only got 300k which is what ross makes in 2 shows smh…dont believe me google “dj vlad gets his ears stomped together courtesy of rick ross”

  2. andone

    damn 50 should had never tried to indirectly take credit for it, we all how he rolls guess he wanted to remind these other suckers out there hating on the low. watch out black jay you might be next LOL!

  3. ZUBU

    50 is very capable of having dudes touched for real; while 50 is on the other side of the country/planet with a sexy piece… Gangsta moves… 50 still a hood dude he just rich now, as he said “NOW I CAN AFFORD TO HIRE SOME HELP.”

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