Groupies Claim Future Loves Unprotected Sex

(AllHipHop Rumors) Oh lord! The groupies are talking again, and this time about Future Hendrix.

We ALL know that Future likes his women, but we just found out how he REALLY likes them.

Word on the street is that Future is always smashing groupies, but the bigger issue is the alleged rumor that he doesn’t like to wear condoms.

A few groupies decided to share some pretty intimate details of their sexual encounters with Future with blogger Fameolous!

One woman wrote in saying that she met Future at a small show in her city, and after the show he invited her back to his hotel where he allegedly asked her to have unprotected sex.

She says if it was a regular dude she would’ve said no, but she thought because it was Future, it was okay….. She thought it was okay to smash a rapper raw who allegedly smashes everyone and everything…. okay girl. SMH.

She said she woke up to him telling her to “get the f-ck out” and throwing money at her telling her to get a Plan B pill. She also says he hit her up again trying to be friendly when he touched down in her city.

If this wasn’t enough mess, the woman sent in the screen shot where Future asked her if she took the Plan B, and another woman sent in her similar experience, saying it’s all true about Future.

The other woman said she hit Future in his DMs, and he tried to get her to pay for a hotel room. He allegedly finally paid for the room, and she claims that when they had sex he didn’t say a word to her, and he kept all of his jewelry on for some sex that she claimed was trash.

The woman claims that he doesn’t like to use condoms, and he claims that Magnums squeeze his little future man.

I’m just sitting here trying to figure out whats wrong with Future and these women as they act like STDS ARE NOT VERY REAL!

Oh and she said that good dk will mess up your brain cells. Naw, these women were idiots to begin with, and any rappers playing with their health are as well. Carry on……

Apparently, Future doesn't like wearing condoms and has history of doing this to different women. Email Tip reads, Everything shorty said about future is true he doesn't like wearing condoms. I did the same thing she did took the money even though I was on birth control. Every time I ask him to put on the condom (that I bring) he refuses. Anybody that know him knows this is true. I have receipts as well but I don't want to mess up what we have…….ignores me until he in my city. I know I know but good dick fuck up your brain cells. I had a reaction to the birth control I was on so I plan on using a female condom next time maybe he'll like that better than a magnum squeezing his dick. Another one of Future chick's messaged us about their encounter. She writes, So I hit future in his dms not really thinking he'd respond, surprisingly he did fast as hell and did not hesitate to text me, I met up with him  at a hotel on the outskirts of Atlanta, but before he arrived he asked me if I could pay for the room and I was like no I'll just wait until you get here. once he finally got there he acted like he didn't want to give me money for a 200 dollar room, as reluctant as he was, he did. I went up to the room and waited for about 30-45 min then he finally Came as soon as he got in the room he didn't say one fucking word, he immediately started taking his clothes off and walked over to me, as weird as it was I was just like "ok" and proceeded to give him head, and let me tell you.. A nigga with that much money shouldn't be musty.. And he sure in the Fuck was.. So after head we proceeded to have sex and this nigga left all his jewelry on. it was super fast and super trash. 🙊🙊🙊

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Update- Check latest post for receipts… ——————————————————————————————– DM Tip: I made a new account so I can't be traced back but A couple months back when future was in my city we met at his show because it was a small show. Then after the show he invited me to where he was staying and he wanted to have unprotected sex so if it was a regular dude I would have said no but I thought because it was future it was okay. After that I woke up to him telling me to wake up and that I need to "get the fuck out" and when I was getting dressed he literally threw money and told me "GO get some plan b RIGHT after this shit" and as I was pullin my shorts up he opened the door and said leave. He then texted me and asked if i got the plan b (tbh I was on birth control so I kept the money only reason I don't have unprotected WITH randos is CUZ idk where they been) and when I said yes he never replied or anything. Now recently he was back in my city and is trying to act all friendly. Any advice ?

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